Zhang Jingchu white bottoming shirt with gray shorts, skin white and firm, body fiber

Small Mission: Usually practice yoga, help you lose weight, keep your body, waiting for you to be 20 years old when you are 40 years old.


Zhang Jingchu took a long time, and the participating film and television drama is even more exciting. Every one of her shape is deeply rooted. No matter which shape, it can be easily controlled, and there is a different kind of style, this must be attributed to Her ultra high color and slender body, as well as unparalleled elegant temperament. These three-point value is generated innate, but the latter two needs long-term insistence to workout.

Recently, there were a few photos of Zhang Jingchu, a refreshing dress up the airport, the white loose bottoming shirt, the lower body, the overall, the whole, the casual charm is full, fashionable, the youthful, the feet A pair of red leather shoes more distinctive, can you imagine that she is 39 years old? If you don’t see the information, you will think that she is a 20-year-old young woman!


Zhang Jingchu’s upper white bottoming shirt is very loose. It is not only comfortable and free to wear, but it will find such a loose bottoming shirt, which can wear so full, can be seen. The body is not the kind of dry skin, such a body is really sexy. The exquisite round neck will show the neck, and the lines are uniform and there is no wrinkles, and the soft breath.


The lower body shorts are excellent in Ya Ya, put the bottom of the bottom shirt into the trousers, invisibly upgraded his waistline, stretched the proportion of the legs, let the exposed legs look more beautiful. Beautiful, White skin is extremely bright, such a straightness makes too many people envy, and a pair of red leather shoes is easier to attract attention, and where is the focus of the audience.


Zhang Jingchu has been 39 years old, the skin is still very good, the status of the body seems to be 20 years old, the thin place is very slender, the full place is not unclear, such a good body is not long-lasting exercise is to maintain I can’t live, there is yoga’s credit, you can also practice long-term practice, this kind of exercise is simple and easy, don’t believe it, let’s take a look!

LOOK1: Tensile leg ligament

Yoga can not only reduce the fat on the leg, but also effectively stretch the ligaments of the legs, let your legs look more straight, the following physical effect is remarkable, let’s practice together.

The first side is lying on the ground, then bends the left leg’s calf, sticking on your hips, right legs straight above, grab the left foot, the left hand is bypassing the head to catch the right foot.

Slighten on the yoga pad, then use your hands and feet’s power to support the body, the head is slightly rising, lifting the right leg and straightened, keeping this posture.


Single-legged, naturally standing, then hover up with your hands slowly back, until your hands contact the ground, the body forms a semi-ring, lifting the right leg pointing the sky, do not bend.


LOOK2: Lower waist and abdomen


On weekdays, I was eating. When I need to wear a slim dress, I started regretting, the swim ring between the waist and abdomen is getting bigger and bigger, the fat became very much, the following body is treated against the waist and abdomen Slim waist.

First, simply squat on the ground, then turn on the left leg straight to the outside, with your hands to your back, support on the ground, put the left leg in the middle of the two arms.

The elbow stands, first stands, then connect the elbow to the ground, support the body, the legs are separated from the air, the right leg is naturally curved, the left leg is straightened.

Eight-scale variants, first squatting on the ground, put the right hand between the legs, supported on the ground with two hands, support the legs with the waist and abdomen, the right leg is straight to the left side, The left leg is naturally curved.


LOOK3: Change to the corner of the hunchback

Long-term volts study and work are not only harmful to health, but also the problem of bending backwards, such a body is not good, especially the temperament affects itself.


This style needs to utilize yoga wheels, first of all, lying down on the ground, then put the yoga wheel under the waist, the legs are lifted, and the hands are straight on both sides of the body.

Find a door frame to do this style, first naturally, then raise the right legs and straighten, closely stick to the door frame behind, and support your hands on the front door frame.

Do you want to with Zhang Jingchu, you have a 20-year-old body when you are nearly 40 years old, then you should not wait, let alone fantasize, you need to act, insist on exercise your yoga, help you get a slim body , Achieve the status of the goddess.

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