Simple and flexible mobile: Medela Medele import version manual breast pump

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It’s more than a year, I really don’t know how to come over there without any night. It is the most comfortable to give birth to all breast milk and have been keeping a lot of milk. Until now, the baby is 14 months, conservative estimates to eat 1000ml breast milk every day, the results are from giving birth to not have a disease, in addition to the vaccination, I have never I have eaten a medicine pill, I can see the milk to the baby’s immune protection Or is the lever. Although there is no feeding day, I’m looking at the child and thrive.

I said that I am a state-owned enterprise HR small staff, so I have a return of the child after 5 months old. Since then become a “back milk” one member. That is to be carrying a breast pump, ice bag, etc. in unit rest time to absorb breast milk, on the one hand, give the child to prevent breast rising milk on the one hand, there will be milk inflammation, and there will be serious consequences such as breast milk. Not much to say.

Speaking of back milk, the breast pump is the main equipment, and it does not follow the speed of the breast milk and the amount of milk. After this fast one year, I will recommend it to everyone to give you a manual breast pump. First open the box, then share the advantages and disadvantages of manual and electricity.


This is just a temporary emergency new purchase, purchasing the Jingdong activity price of 225 yuan, and the next day will receive it, and the price is 100 yuan compared to the 330 yuan baby store of the music friends.

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Original import, box superior Chinese


Take the jacket, this is only a virtue into the door, simple and light, press the valve, suction cup (2), bottle, bottle, bottle cover, just this. But I really have used a quick use.

Very light several components, the first in the eyes seem to have a cheap sense, do not

Two manual


Jingdong invoice, 225 yuan absolutely value.


The assembly takes out full map, and the bottle holder is generally used, and it is idle.


After hot water is washed, you can use it. The details are not cheap, and the texture is very good.

Made in USA

Manual press, two rhythms, the above short board is slightly stimulated, the following longboard is a strong suction.

The practical experience is: the breast milk is fast, the milk is large, and it is convenient for random. Generally, 150 ml is used for 5 minutes.

After sucking, remove the breasts, replace the sealed bottle cap, you can put it into the ice bag to do dry food. Eat a breast milk 6 meal every day, about 150 ml, this is my family’s 14-month Dabao daily, so it is basically less likely and water, it is estimated that the child’s drinking water will increase after the breast milk.


Use experience summary:


I have always used the electric model sent by my relatives. The advantage is gentle squeezing and slowly drip. The disadvantage is that it is not possible to leave the power supply (socket or battery), which is not convenient to carry a large charging host, and electric breast pump is very long because of different stages of rhythm rhythm.

And the manual breast pump is simple and easy, lightweight, the zero pressure in the backpack, you can fade on the knife, and the speed of sucking is fast.


Medele is in the same type of breast pump, the best breasts are best, before using new shell and new Anyi, the amount of milk and speed is far less than a virtue, here is sincerely recommended.

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