“Sweet girl pajamas”, girls in bed

Every weekend is ready to stay at home, salted fish lying, the new TV series and variety of the new, the vain is shameful, but it is really comfortable.


Since I don’t plan to go out, I am more likely to take the exquisite clothes.

I know that many people habits will be eliminated by pajamas, but occasionally go downstairs to throw a garbage, take a quick delivery, it is too pulled.

And I think


Life still needs some kind of ritual sense

The light and beautiful out of the street during the day, and the pajamas after home cannot be lost.


The girl has always been unable to resist any high-quality things, wearing a good night, regardless of what will become advanced, and the mood follows upup.

Pajamas pick well, just

Even sleep quality will also increase a lot



So today Liya wants to share a wave of summer pajamas sharing, hurry!


In fact, the type of pajamas on the market can be generally divided into three kinds, and the fairy can be hosted on the needs of the needs.


Pursuit of comfortable silk, cotton linen

I want to wear comfortably, and silk is definitely a choice.

But the truth is not good, Liya bought a piece.

Simulation silk material


Pajamas, whether it is dreamer or less skin, you can try it to wear a preference.

The style of this type of material is generally not too exaggerated.

Simple lines

It will highlight the full sense of high level, and can be concave on the home.

Stripe elements

Design, more stylish, many brands have also been type, leisure and fashionable.


The cotton material is the choice of many people in everyday, and the skin is breathable, and the price is relatively reasonable.

LIYA has always thought

Gray is easier to create temperament

Sense, let people look bright, plus the bows of the same color, simply exquisite to the hair.


Linen moisture absorption is very good, keeping dry at any time, afraid of hot stars can pick.


Unique texture

And the lazy properties of your own, the summer breath is coming, but it should be noted that the linen anti-wrinkle property is too bad, and the BUG of the whole body crease is difficult to avoid.


Simple and refreshing salt

Minimal edge lines, often unexpected trendy, reveal from the details.

Plus the foundation style, in age span and style

No restrictions

If it is really chosen, Liya thinks this is a good choice.

French stripe shirt

In the combination of pajamas, I stamped my aesthetic point at a glance.

For girls who are keen on the house, this wide version of the wide range is, but there is no resistance to containe all kinds of different body.


As for the selection of the neckline of pajamas, it is actually a full look.

LIYA is more preferred to design, unlocking two buttons, showing thin,


Sight for neck

However, the lovely feelings of the round neck are also equally emotional, and there is no aggressiveness.

The water in the ink is more suitable for cool Girl, and the casual sense is performed to the ultimate.


Playful vitality belonging to the little girl


This wave is the victory of the love party!

Cartoon characters full of memory

As a home to take it, you don’t have to worry that you will be naive and tender, so that each time you have a joint, liya can’t help but buy it.


Especially different patterns, you can also have a couple of votes, a sweet index of 100 points.


Simple pattern + letter combination, no too fancy, the acceptance range is also relatively large.

This year’s popular elements:

Large collar, bubble sleeve

It is also reflected in pajamas. If it is the topic of pajamas, although the color is not eye-catching, it is difficult to ignore your existence in the crowd.

Water leaves and doll collar

The blessing, the proper court retro style, and the fresh Baby Blue has increased the sense of age, and two different styles are just right.

In fact, there are too many choices in pajamas, causing a lot of fairy to pick up the eyes.


LIYA’s suggestion is to clear the wanted fabric (the texture of different fabrics is completely different), then choose the pattern, the range can be greatly reduced.

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