Zhong Lizhen is very unique, the color of the bottom sock is Barbie powder, the average person can enjoy

There are a lot of style in stocking, because many


Substocks have plus velvet design,


So many people like to wear during the winter. But when you look, you will only choose

Black stocking

Or is a delicate stocking.

In fact, it is like a pants. Although many people like to wear black and white, there are many uncommon.

Colored style.

These colored styles have good effect, and the gas field is still


Let yourself show a more unique visual effect. However, although the bottoming socks, don’t choose Zhong Lizhen, not only

Exaggeration and stealing mirrors.

Zhong Lizhen’s costumes are very complicated.


Even very unique


, The bottom socks want to come into a blind, choose Zhong Lizhen’s same paragraph, want

Low-key is difficult.

Is a unique design, if the way is in the way, it is still very fashionable.


, Zhong Lizhen’s aesthetics make people feel that the bottom socks of Barbie powder.

The temperament is unique.

So let us appreciate it together.


Her unique match


★ Unique color bottoming socks

In the daily ordinary clothing,

Colored clothing has always been black and white clothing

More eye-catching. Colored bottomers are even more eye-catching than ordinary color costumes. Even if you wear the clothes style is very ordinary, but after colored bottoming socks, you can display the visual effects.

It is like Babi pink bottoming socks, is it almost almost in daily life?

I can’t see it?

So, once someone wears a pink bottoming sock, it will make you feel that this person is really too bold.

Pink bottoming socks are really very stealing,

High color brightness

So it is also an expandable color. Even if your legs are very slender, it is difficult to put this pink costume out of the high-level feeling, and even the legs are more fat, but it is slightly somewhat.


The thigh, wearing the kind of Barbie pink sock, looking more

Charming and charming.


When you are with your shoes, you must choose the same color, you can’t choose other colors, this is the result of the long leg.

More obvious

. This kind of expansion color is easy to identify fat, on the one hand, it is easy to have short, so it is necessary to choose a comparison legal length.


Match tips.

★ Matching skills sharing

How is the color of such a unique bacterium, what should I do?


? In addition to choosing the same color shoes, you can also match black


The more steady the trend, the better, so you can form with socks.

sharp contrast

And you can make your gas field won’t be exaggerated, after all,

Daily clothing

Everyone chooses the right style.

★ Brown bottoming socks are also quite special

In daily clothing, black and white gray and brown clothing are quite common, but brown stockings are rare, so after wearing socks, they will make their temperament to compare.


, With retro literary effects, very unique fashion.

The upper body is mixed with a little bit of clothes, will show out

Very general feminine.

★ Gray stocking, choose unique way

Although the gray bottoming hose is poor, it is also ordinary, but it is more special than the black stockings.

If you want the gray socks to look at more features, don’t look up

Shorts or long top

Although this kind of matching method is easy to expose the embarrassing triangle area,


It is more fat and bloated.

But if the body is driving, you will look more


★ Black bottoms socks are more challenged

There are a lot of colors and styles of stocking.



It is the most, and it is almost everyone in the winter. The more cautious, the gas field is selected

The more charming a woman


Other costumes choose the gray system, let yourself look vibrant, more advanced, shoes picking gray, and the clothes of the clothes will have echo, if


Not long enough, it is best to wear

Black boots are better

The most common way of stocking socks is actually put on a black bottoming stock of plus velvet, the lower body is mixed with one

Black boots and shorts or short skirts.

Goes to choose a little lively or atmospheric, let your gas field look very


Generally, no one is done directly.


The top of the dress will be better, and winter is very comfortable.

Zhong Lizhen’s style is very unique, the color of the bottom sock is Barbie powder, the average person can enjoy, except

Colored bottomers,

There are also a little unique in the flesh stock socks.

Although unique absolute eye, if you don’t know how to match the skill, still more

Try the ordinary style.




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