Zhima Welfare Season 2 | 158 linen pillow, fans 19.9, free wool?

Last month, Zhimajun used actual actions to bring the first “Han Ma Ma Ma Ma Ma Ma Ma Ma Ma Ma Ma” private benefits, so that everyone can experience what is true, but also enjoy it. The lowest price to the whole network has opened a good start. In order not to be expected, Zhima Jun continued to contact more brands and merchants, and continued to give you more quality and value-for-money. This issue provides you with an unexpected December “big snow” super welfare.

知麻福利第2季 | 158的亚麻抱枕,粉丝19.9包邮,免费羊毛来薅么?

This issue is a domestic cotton and linen factory – Dongjia Group, after the expression, the fans of the fans given by Dongjia Maicai let me kneel (but also holding the table drop). Why is calcium deficiency to this extent? Let’s take a look at many years ago, a text of the spinning zebra maybe it will be understood!

The above analysis has been clearly clear: 25 yuan want to buy a real linen, even if it is not 包邮, it is absolutely impossible! Unless it is a fakes such as polyester fibers! That looks again

知麻福利第2季 | 158的亚麻抱枕,粉丝19.9包邮,免费羊毛来薅么?

Dong Jia gives the benefits of Zhima Jun, the 19.9 yuan, or pure linen hugging.

知麻福利第2季 | 158的亚麻抱枕,粉丝19.9包邮,免费羊毛来薅么?

Rest assured that they have passed the Europea certification, so I haven’t stable it, because from the boss to the person in charge is really too giving.

Normal price 158 yuan / month (shipping)

Double eleven 68 yuan / month (shipping)

Knowing a macarre fuel welfare price: 19.9 yuan / piece (dare to continue!)

Touching a conscience: Postage has 10 yuan +,

The linen pillow is equal to the 19.9 courier!

In order to let the fans experience their good linen products, the brand is equal to it! Do you say that you can not save your heart? Of course, welfare is really coming. Dong Jia is also to give the face for this experience. Let’s let go of the benefits. Let’s let go, buy it is earned!

知麻福利第2季 | 158的亚麻抱枕,粉丝19.9包邮,免费羊毛来薅么?

Since enjoying such a big welfare, I know how to be thinking about how to return to Dong Jia. Therefore, sincerely, please share some photos and experience feelings in the group, after the next knowledge of Majun has propagated a lot of pillows, and it is a little thin. Eat is not fun, proper opportunity, isn’t it!

Not nonsense, on the product

Dongjia linen hugging pillow (including pillow)

Specifications: 45 * 45 cm

Fabric: European linen / cotton and linen, inner core feathers (removing water)

Something is free to buy,

No longer a big story!

知麻福利第2季 | 158的亚麻抱枕,粉丝19.9包邮,免费羊毛来薅么?

Dongjia Group

The introduction below the company will be fine. In the case of a few pictures, when you take you, you will visit Changzhou’s factory. In a word, there are no major international companies in the number of spinning circles.

Visit the finished factory to learn about the fabric design

△ Famous textile designer Cipirani

知麻福利第2季 | 158的亚麻抱枕,粉丝19.9包邮,免费羊毛来薅么?

On temperament, color value, sentence: a little Italian version of Nicholas Cage, no more points? In 1986, the textile design, development, is best to develop: high quality, high value, high performance fabric.

知麻福利第2季 | 158的亚麻抱枕,粉丝19.9包邮,免费羊毛来薅么?

Of course, the bedding below their home is also very concerned,


知麻福利第2季 | 158的亚麻抱枕,粉丝19.9包邮,免费羊毛来薅么?

Look at the Langmouki Logo, which is similar to him, know? Maybe you will understand why Dong Jia is so atmospheric, and it will give the fans such a great value of good welfare.

Strength and pattern, Dong Jia took the death!

What is the advantage of linen? Then look at the picture.

Welfare snapped time

Snow (12.7)

“It is important time to say three times”

知麻福利第2季 | 158的亚麻抱枕,粉丝19.9包邮,免费羊毛来薅么?

December 7, 10 ~ 24pm

“How to participate in the grab benefits?”

I want to participate in my friends.

First add Ma Jun private V letter: zhifeiji2015,


Knowing the moon benefits

知麻福利第2季 | 158的亚麻抱枕,粉丝19.9包邮,免费羊毛来薅么?


After passing, he will invite everyone to enter the group.

On December 7th, I will put it on time on time! ! !

200 copies of life!

知麻福利第2季 | 158的亚麻抱枕,粉丝19.9包邮,免费羊毛来薅么?

“Welfare Demand”

知麻福利第2季 | 158的亚麻抱枕,粉丝19.9包邮,免费羊毛来薅么?

In view of the ultra-low experience price, the brand also proposed a small requirement:

知麻福利第2季 | 158的亚麻抱枕,粉丝19.9包邮,免费羊毛来薅么?

Linen pillow, random transmission, do not accept color choices!

Whether it is linen fabric or inner core, quality is absolutely relieved!

Significant snow smoking a blind box surprise benefit.

To knowing mazhima, there is no one in the month!

Will live in life, it is so simple!

“Subsequent welfare notice”

知麻福利第2季 | 158的亚麻抱枕,粉丝19.9包邮,免费羊毛来薅么?

December winter solstice

Brand: 麻

Men and women, Hama New Year, Red (Hong)

知麻福利第2季 | 158的亚麻抱枕,粉丝19.9包邮,免费羊毛来薅么?

Ingredients: 42.7% cotton, 19.6% HT, 6% spandex

31.7% regenerated cellulose (containing pearl blended cellulose fiber)


Original price: 59,

知麻福利第2季 | 158的亚麻抱枕,粉丝19.9包邮,免费羊毛来薅么?

Welfare price: 22

Spring Festival welfare January

知麻福利第2季 | 158的亚麻抱枕,粉丝19.9包邮,免费羊毛来薅么?

Brand: Tianhe

Organic export dual certification of hemp seed oil

麻 250ml (simple single bottle)

Original price: 92,

Welfare price: 46

知麻福利第2季 | 158的亚麻抱枕,粉丝19.9包邮,免费羊毛来薅么?

Number of welfare: 400 bottles

知麻福利第2季 | 158的亚麻抱枕,粉丝19.9包邮,免费羊毛来薅么?

Henasonry oil gift box 250ml * 2 (gift box)

Original price: 210

知麻福利第2季 | 158的亚麻抱枕,粉丝19.9包邮,免费羊毛来薅么?

Welfare price: 108

Welfare quantity: 100 boxes


知麻福利第2季 | 158的亚麻抱枕,粉丝19.9包邮,免费羊毛来薅么?

Himma mask

Himma towel

(Brand: Qingdao Hantai)

Welfare continues to update …

知麻福利第2季 | 158的亚麻抱枕,粉丝19.9包邮,免费羊毛来薅么?

December 7, 10 ~ 24pm

December 7, 10 ~ 24pm

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