“Wife is a group” Chen Jojo, why is it afraid to be unable to pet?

Wen 丨 花

Su Tong’s short story “wife and wife” is very deep in the exposure of the story and human nature, and each person has her own, everyone has its own good and evil. In this decayed house, there is a lot of distinctive female characters, compared with Zhuolian and Zhuo Yun, Messan three people live, I live to kill,

The big wife of the unscrupulous dew is like, her forces and unspeakment are unusual.

The story happened in the Monkaouse of the Republic of China. Su Tong opened, the four lady, the quarry was sneaked in the evening of the four countryside.

This start is very intriguing. As the four distortions in Chenjiada, Chenjia House during the time of the male right, and the entrance of Qianlian seems to be ghost, there is no blow to the scene, and there is no noisy of the lights. She is “married to rich people” or went to do the thief. However, we will soon get this answer the next day, five

When the ten-year-old Chen Jojun, he was half secret when he was a four 姨.

So, it is not difficult to guess Chen Jozuo, most of them are a big wife.

Chen Zoqi as a master, and the three wives and four are his rights. Big Mao’s chronica is long, I have long been there. Qianlian asked Chen Zoqi when he was finishing. “

She is a hundred years old, so old? “Chen Zoqian did not speak. Johilian said:” She believes in Buddha? How to read it at home? “Chen Zoqi said:” What is a Buddha, it’s okay, and it’s too much. “

It can be seen that Chen Zoqi is more abomination and disappointment for this original lady. So, “Don’t allow others to ride on his head”, why is it tribute to this big wife?

Although the reason here is concealed, we can also try to built a two from a few words and deeds of the big lady.

Chen Zoqi is hollowed out in addition to the body and the bottom

New marriage night, Yanglian faces Chen Zaixian’s body as a doctor like a crane: “How do you thin?” Chen Zoqi diamonds into cotton, let them take. The 50-hanging Chen Joqian body is not very good. I have been married a few rooms, and these women are not awkward. I want to find the last value from him, and the big lady is only the water. The Buddha is in the Buddha, and there is no desire to Chen.

So, Mrs. Mrs is a can have no wife, Chen Joqi is a husband who can have a could have a could have a husband.

After Chen Zoqi was hollowed by a few rooms, this could have no wife, but also showed her precious.

Chen Zohao has five children, respectively, the big Mrs. Pu and Yibei, the second wife, Zhuoyun, and the three thousand people are also born. Only a big wife, a child now grows unique, Fei Pu is responsible for the account of Chen Jojo, and he also does some real estate business. Yili is studying in Beiping Women’s University. In addition, the children of the two rooms are still in addition to disaster. It is a disaster.

Yan Er said in Qianlian: “Our grand docts have this, Chen Jia is relying on him now. The big lady is quiet and beautiful, and it is necessary to marry the people in the future.”

Chen Zoqi thought that he would want to be too demanding for the big wife, as long as she “abuses the fill” is there, and his old age will be guaranteed.

The big son Pudu can bear the home business for his support, and the big daughter married people can also bring a glory to Chen family, which is the practice of seeing. Chen Yosha is very clear, this Chenjia House is not as good as one day, he can find some sense of existence in the woman of Qianlian, and there is no dignity in the big lady.

Song Ma has broken the lotus: “The 19-year-old Mrs. Mrs. Two people brought half a pound gold film. Second, Mrs. Zhuo Yun passed the small gold film. On the three ladies, it is just a few people. The ring, married four ladies, I haven’t seen anything. “

Economic strength determines the family status, this sentence is from ancient times to the famous sayings.

The bother is expensive, and the flyingpool is Chen Zuo Thousand only relying on the right to say.

Pudo and Qianlian have been close, that is the only loss in the book, and the son is all known. Feipu is a bodai, but if this card is being killed, she will panic, naturally.

When I returned, I would like to understand that Chen La’s Natham is able to understand, the big lady does not judge him, but with Chen Zaixian deep into the bone marrow male right thought, he will inevitably not give up he will give up he should have a young woman. s right. Positive confrontation, can’t be saved, no benefit to the face of his man. The lotus once made a boldly on the dinner table to Chen Zoqi, and the Chen Joji is anger. Messan said: “He is a false, when you are in the face of everyone, if you are in bed, you will be happy.” Such a false man is between the face and peace, and chooses the first selection.

So, the monolan was sneaked into the door, and the rice cooked ripe meals. He didn’t give it to the face. It was gave a big wife, and Chen Zoqi knows that there is this, and he will not regenerate the event. During the decades, Mrs. Taotai is the most peaceful.

He didn’t know what the big wife’s “worry” is actually something else. I have been thinking that she is the kind of Buddha and poor people. It seems to see that the red dust is ignorant, and it is actually staring at the wind in the home.


Why did she not fight? It is because she knew that Chen Jojun was old, even if she married new people, the hope of life son is also awkward.

She doesn’t have to compete, and there is Meshan and others to serve enough to consume Chen Joji.

Sure enough, didn’t take long, Luolian found that Chen Johao was not.

Then the real good show began to stage, the monk lost the pet, Meishan was arrested, and the big wife was not played.


It is quietly looked quietly from the head to the end to kill this group of women. Her purpose is “Sitting on the Mountain View”, or says “蚌 相 争 争 渔 得”.

Until this house is dead, I will hurt, I am crazy, she is still a big wife who is unmanned.


Some people have doubt why she will break the beads after she seeing the monk, and said, “sin, sin”.

She is not a sin of Chen Yosqi, a pear, and she is replacing himself. The home is superior: the group of women competed, but the last returned is all the wells in the house …. .

Since it is here, don’t want to live out!

When I was in writing, I thought about how to interpret this person for a long time. She seems to be the only survivor in this deep house, not fighting, sitting, but she is fortunate to be unfortunate? Until I saw a word –

No love and hural.


No love, there is nothing happiness. The deepest fear comes from love. You have something to ask for a man, depending on, suffer from being lost, and fearful. If you don’t love, you will be fearless.

Yu Ru Qian no longer seeks from physiology and emotion, only this will win everyone.

“Wife is in group”: Why is it suddenly lost?

“Wife and Punches”: Why is it so miserable by Chen Master?


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