I am paying attention to the privacy of privacy, I will raise my hands to promote this easy IPHONE anti-prompt film.

Today, the mobile phone carries us more and more features, but also has exposed a lot of privacy issues. Every time I chat with my colleagues, as long as I start your mobile phone back information, the next colleague began to peek at my screen. Even if there is a distance, it is not mistaken, and I don’t have a sense of security.

I know the situation,

Give me Amway’s ancient antique antipyretic membrane

Instantly solve me all kinds of troubles! ! ! !

We know, the current mobile phone screen currently uses a full-scale screen, and the edge of the screen will have the radians of our naked eye. Once the film can find it. I posted more or less tempered films in the market, either leave a obvious white side, or use the so-called filler to go to the white edge, felt hard, the effect is still good!

So I personally raise my hands to recommend the iPhone with a full-screen surface film, especially a black mobile phone.

After the entire glass is integrated, there is no white side, the visual effect is close to the iPhone mobile phone without the film,

There is no too much gap, it is not easy to get dust, perfect ~~


Also, the screen is the most vulnerable place in the entire mobile phone. Don’t be too embarrassed in the choice of mobile phone protective film. Everyone must have certain sure

The 9h tempered glass film selected high temperature explosion-proof, this film is more tough, and it is not easy to break.

After all, a penny is in stock.

The biggest feature of the ancient Shang Gu family this steel film is to prevent it, I tried it myself.

Side view screen does look very dark

How to see how you can’t see it;

You can clearly watch the screen in front of it, it is said that you still don’t hurt your eyes.

Only in less than a week, there was a friend asked my mobile phone brightness. I told him that I used to prevent peeking, and colleagues who want to peep my mobile phone screen also thought that I touched dark brightness or closed The screen, but it is not easy to ask, naturally, it will transfer the line of sight, the effect is still good haha ​​~

The quality of the tempered film I have used is quite good, but the touch is not very unsteading, the WeChat issued the voice 10 seconds, I didn’t send it out, I can’t bear it or choose to pull black. And this anti-prompt film is not, especially when I play the king at night,

Slide up, don’t worry, press the thief to put the thief ~~

I checked, the ancient antique anti-prompty membrane has an adaptation from the iPhone 6 to the latest iPhone 11 PRO, and the price will not be too expensive, the price is super high!


PS: I also gave you an exclusive small benefits: I will receive 5 yuan coupons, I can take it home with 10.8 yuan, the quantity, first come first served ~

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IphoneX tempered film 11PRO anti-steam sustain film Apple X anti-peek XR full screen 7 / 8PLUS anti-peek iphonexr / xsmax anti-voyeurus Promax anti-stealing p 透phry mobile phone film XS


¥ 15.8





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