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As the largest city in Switzerland, it is also one of the world’s best hosted cities – Zurich in the global financial field, and has been attacked by the world. The international metropolis under this Alps, also active a batch of local designers with creative inspiration and persistence, and the independent fashion design brands they created have become the pride of Ziyi people, now they go out of Switzerland, interpretation to the world This city is a unique interpretation of fashion.

Freitag new F261 Maurice & F262 Julien

Zurich people love the Freitag environmental protection bag, the inspiration of the Freitag container architectural design is from the historical environment of the Zurich West, witnessed the industrial civilization of Zurich.

苏黎世本土时尚设计品牌 展露头角

As the leadership pioneer of the world’s environmental bag brands, the history of Freitag fashion brand can be traced back to 1993. Because of rainy days, backpacks were often wet, and the Grand Markus Freitag and Daniel Freitag wanted to have a bag that was not afraid of rain and durable. The bright tarpaulin gave the Freitag two brothers, and there was a bag of bags that were launched by truck canvas.

Freitag allows waste materials to regain the second life. The FreitaG bag not only has unique pattern and color, but the biggest feature is that every package is unique. Because the recycled materials are all handled by manual, the cut position is different, and different canvas have different patterns, which creates the uniqueness of the Freitag bag. Freitag also accepts custom services for customers, according to customer requests, and make unique exclusive bags.

Freitag produces two series of green bags, the first series is a FundamentAl with more than 40 style, continuous improvement and perfect; and in September 2010, there are 15 style Referrence series. With its unique personality, Freitag is widely sold widely in the world, and there are more than 460 retail stores, and has always adhered to all products in Zurich.

Among them, the Freitag flagship store in the Zurich West is 26 meters from 17 containers. There are 9 floors. The 4th floor underground is a shop, which is full of more than 1600 Freitag environmental bags like a warehouse. The 4 floors is vacant containers, customers can also board the top of the watchdrop, and a beautiful view of the Zurich West District.

Freitag fashion brands from Zurich to Switzerland, go to Europe, and finally go to the world, not only benefit from their environmental design concept, which is also an indivisible relationship with its hidden urban memory. The success of the Freitag fashion brand highlights an attitude of Swiss to the natural environment, city and history.

Speaking of Zurich design, in addition to the international Freitag fashion brand, there are many design brands that make people look at. For example, a aesthetic and sustainable Soeder and a new design brand Julian Zigerli. It is such a local design brand to constantly inject fresh and energetic in Zurich fashion world.

苏黎世本土时尚设计品牌 展露头角

SoEDer store in Zurich 4

Soeder is actually an abbreviation of Södermalm in Stockholm, Engineering. Three young people with extraordinary creative talents Hanna, Johan, and Scarlet, in this intention of sharing aesthetics and ecological awareness, Soeder is committed to providing customers with multi-function, high quality and elegant products. At the same time, sustainability is also the main concept of the brand. They hope that the life of the product can reach more than 50 years.

Soeder stores in Zurich 4 mainly sell fashion home accessories, kitchen supplies, exquisite clothing, natural cosmetics, and other home design. SOEDER is carefully selected by Multiplication, and then makes people hand in Zurich and European handicrafts. SOEDER’s products have high quality, elegant design and practical functions in one, lasting and durable, and is deeply loved by local consumers.

苏黎世本土时尚设计品牌 展露头角

(Designer Julian Zigerli)

Julian Zigerli can be described as a new star in the fashion world. This emerging designer who born in Zurich has created a personal design brand. Julian Zigerlin graduated from the Berlin Art University, and he came out, with a very creative talent, named the world fashion world, a number of international fashion prizes, and won the Swiss Fashion Design Award twice.

Julian Zigerli 2014 autumn and winter men’s series “The One and ONLY” was sent by Mr. Giorgio Armani, and Armani / Teatro as a new release site of Julian Zigerli. Julian Zigerli is after Stella Jean, it becomes the second designer who is invited by Giorgio Armani to invite the fashion conference in Armani / TEATRO.

苏黎世本土时尚设计品牌 展露头角

Based on the concept of “love, color, humorous and optimism”, Julian uses boldly uses print and clear tones in the design of the fashion design, and the works of sports touch creates practicality and design, comfortable and lasting.

苏黎世本土时尚设计品牌 展露头角

Whether it is Freitag’s environmental philosophy, SOEDER’s sustainable consciousness, or Julian Zigerli is full of love design, each brand is not just a fashion, but a sincere life attitude, in material and spirit, Guests have a good and surprise.

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