Nature Home Harbor stocks are 10 years or will be refunded, can the A share can achieve a hundred billion home dream?

Nature home in Hong Kong stocks in 10 years, recently become the focus of concern because of the market stocks of Hong Kong stocks.

Natural home was established in 1955, listed in Hong Kong in 2011. Recently, nature home released an announcement, the new modern home (compassionate) proposed that the company is privatized in the agreement. If the plan takes effect, according to the listing rules, nature home will deliver from Hong Kong.

The New Beijing News reporter learned that the company’s performance is not optimistic within nearly three years. Data show that 2018 – 2020, its net profit has fallen year by year, and there is a negative growth in 2020. It is said that nature homes are retreat from Hong Kong stocks or will land on A shares.

On August 18, Qin Zhanxian, president of China Construction Materials Flow Association, received the interview with Beijing News reporters that nature homes in Hong Kong stocks may be to “rebirth”, “can be listed in A, this is its development The only way. “

The founder of nature home, Zhu Xuebin, was publicly expressed, and it was full of dreams of 100 billion home. In terms of Qin Zhan, “100 billion-level is a big dream for the home industry, and there must be a supply chain to integrate, and there is difficult to do the floor.”

Hong Kong stocks 10 years or will be returned

Natural home is listed in Hong Kong in 2011, and it has been 10 years. At the end of July this year, nature home released an announcement, the new modern home (expectant) put forward the privatization of the company in a way of agreement, the privatization price per share is 1.7 Hong Kong dollars in cash, which is 17.24% before the suspension. It is approximately 15.8% of the net value of approximately HK $ 2.02 over 12 December 20, 2020.

As of 27 July 2021, the new modern home and its consistent actors held 78.8% of nature home shares, and the new modern home was controlled by the founder Yan Xi Bin, Yan Jianbin and other two brothers. The privatization involved in HK $ 523 million. After the plan takes effect, according to the listing rules, nature home will be returned from Hong Kong.

In this regard, Qin Zhanxue said in an interview with the Beijing News reporter that many companies have been listed in the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, and “seem to be a style” in the past. However, “Nature’s home has been sticking, ten years and is also normal, is still relatively stable, and there is no big problem.”

At the same time, there are industry insiders that nature is home or will land in the A-share market after retreating in Hong Kong stocks. Natural home is also mentioned in the announcement. In the future, the company will reorganize to prepare its business in China.

On August 18, the Beijing News reporter interviewed nature home through mail means for privatization, A-share listing forecast and other matters, as of press time, did not receive reply.

Transfer A shares challenges are not small

For nature homes, “If you can get a new round of development opportunities in A-share, Qin Zhanxue believes that on the one hand, the original products can be bigger, on the other hand, it can also develop new products, and even possibilities Expanding smart home.

However, nature home is listed in A-share or face a lot of challenges, and Qin Zhanxue analysis, there are some competition in the A-share market, such as the iconic floor, etc. In addition, the listing will be put into new costs. “Listed on the motherboard, relying on performance, listed in the GEM, but also relying on technical content, these two are hardware, to reach talented.” At the same time, he also mentioned that after returning to Hong Kong, nature homes may re-integrate “Integrate the conditions that meet the listing”. However, Qin Zhanxue believes that the purpose of nature home is to “reborn”, it is available in A-share, which is the only way to develop.

In fact, companies from Hong Kong stocks returned to A shares have an advance case, such as Dongpeng Holdings, Op Home, but the process does not seem smoothly.

The Beijing News reporter learned that in June 2016, Dongpeng Holdings of the Hong Kong stocks were less than 3 years of Dongpeng Holdings completed privatization and retreat. The industry has analyzed that the share price of Dongpeng Holdings is cold, and the performance in the capital market is very passive. The cost of the stock price is too low, and the parent company resource integration and the major shareholders’ transfers listed companies are the three reasons for the sale. After retreating in Hong Kong stocks, only 1 year, Dongpeng Holding Rotary will start the Shandong A stock procedure. On September 8, 2017, Dongpeng Holdings were disclosed in the deposit of the prospectus and planned A share. However, until October 19, 2020, Dongpeng Holdings were re-listed, and it took more time for more than 3 years.

Similarly, Op Home is also retreat in Hong Kong stocks in 10 years. In December 2006, Op Home was published in the Hong Kong United exchanged stock and listed, and has completed the Hong Kong Joint Exchange Process in September 2016. Until January 2020, Op Home officially landed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange’s motherboard, and became the first bathroom listed enterprise in China.

Net profit growth fell for 3 consecutive years

Based on the situation of the above-mentioned enterprises, the nature home seems to have many obstacles. Among them, the company’s recent performance and liabilities in recent years are unstable.

Data show that the net profit increase in nature is decline for 3 consecutive years, 2018 – 2020, its net profit is $ 157 million, $ 178.999.95%, a year-on-year increase of 129.5%, 3.40%, – 88.96%. Its liabilities are also present in three consecutive years. Data show, 2018-12020, its total liabilities are RMB 217 million, 294 billion yuan, 3.703 billion yuan, and debt ratio is 47.06%, 55.19%, 60.32%, compared to 43.54% of assets in 2016. Depending on the debt ratio, 2020 rose nearly 20 percentage points, high in history.

In addition, in the past three years, the cash flow in nature is also declining, 2018 – 2020, its operating cash flow is 620 million yuan, 142 million yuan, -357 million yuan, a year-on-year change ratio is 407.74%, – 77.04 %, – 351.03%. Or to alleviate business pressure, in May this year, nature homes began to sell equity. The announcement shows that the company will hold the Yongyu House (floor vendor) 11.22% equity transfer to Henglin home, with a total cost of 120 million yuan. For the purpose of selling Yongyu home equity, nature is known, will be used in general operational funds.

The transition of everyone must renovate nature

In recent years, the deployment is customized as an epidemic trend of industry, and the transformation and upgrading of single product enterprises such as wooden doors and floors. Many flooring companies are also transformed from the floor to the rectification, custom home, and nature homes may wish to achieve hundreds of billions of home dreams through transformation.

The Beijing News reporter learned that in 2014, nature home transformed from “floor” to everyone, expanded from the original floor, expanded to wooden door, wooled cabinet, wallpaper, whole house Many categories. On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the company listed in early 2021, the founder of nature home and CEO said that in the new 3 years, it is necessary to make a nature, and it is comprehensive to send a total of millions of home dreams.

For hundreds of billions of home dreams, Qin Zhanxia said that dream is a goal, hundreds of billion-level RMB is a big dream, and there is difficult to do the floor, and the class of smart home is added or the value will increase. At the same time, “dreams may be realized, as long as the industry can meet consumers, lead consumers.” In addition, if you want to log in to the A-share market, you must do more closely on the industry chain. He mentioned two dimensions: people-oriented, convenient, comfortable, fun, and smart home, etc., and homes, safe, green, and contribute. “Grasping two dimensions, in line with industry development strategy, in line with consumer development psychology, believe it is not far away.”

Beijing News reporter Zhang Jie

Editor Qin Shengnan

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