“Hey! I let you shoot!” | 2021 Funny Wild Animal Photography Award

In more than 7,000 entries from all over the world, the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards has been prepared in the near future.

This year’s 42 finalists


“哼!我让你拍了吗!”| 2021年搞笑野生动物摄影奖

The fruit shell is selected some of the working products, let’s take a look at the animals’ appearance and happy moments.

“Mom, the hair is tight”

Photographer: Chee Kee TEO

In Singapore, SMOoth-Coated Otters seems to be well adapted to urbanization construction, they are under the bridge, run on the road, eat ornamental fish in front of the hotel.

Although there is an occasional conflict, people still like these otters. In Singapore, different otter families have their own names, and there are currently 10 otter families, at least 90 individuals, and the quantity is still growing. In the wild, most of the otters left home when they were about 2 years old, but Singapore’s otters were expanded in order to wait for the territory, they will usually wait until the age of three or four (35 years of humans) leave their parents.

However, the photographer Chee Kee TEO said,

“哼!我让你拍了吗!”| 2021年搞笑野生动物摄影奖

In the photo, it is not its mother, but other otters in the family.

snort! Did I let you shoot!

Photographer: Patrick Dirlam

Although the body looked at the circle, furry, the actions of this Red Crown Daiju (Ruby-crowned Kinglet were still very flexible, keeping through different branches. The photographer followed it all the way and looked at it for 15 minutes.

“哼!我让你拍了吗!”| 2021年搞笑野生动物摄影奖

Because it is too good, move quickly, this bird is very difficult

“哼!我让你拍了吗!”| 2021年搞笑野生动物摄影奖

Suddenly, it stopped, perhaps it was found that he was sneak shot, and his face was seriously staring at the photographer for three seconds.

A lonely

Photographer: Lea SCAddan

In the breeding season, in order to win the female favorite, the male kangaroo will carry out the “boxing” game, trying to push down the other party. In the process of pushing, kangaroo will also

Suddenly grabbed the other party, the tail again


The feet start at the same time, and the other side

In Perth, the West Coast of the Australian West, the two western gray big kangaroo is playing hot. On the right, the kangaroo jumped, I originally wanted to be two feet, and the result was a loneliness … Just take a photographer to take a photo. Sometimes, young kangaroo punches are just for the time.

Typically, the western gray kangaroo only has the strongest male to have the opportunity to mate, reproduce the descendants. In addition, there is a strong curry flavor in adult male.


Photographer: Ken Jensen

In Yunnan, a monkey is sitting on a iron cable, the mouth is very large, and the egg is uniformly card on both sides of the iron cable.

This pair of model is difficult to unlicenzed to suffer from the hurt of the private part. But in fact,

This “” is a monkey show an aggressive performance.

. As for its reproduction, important parts of its breeding do not hurt, it is unknown.

Are you, is it a larger view?

Soon in the summer, I have passed away, leave me self-closing

Photographer: John SPEIRS

“哼!我让你拍了吗!”| 2021年搞笑野生动物摄影奖

The photographer was shooting a flying pigeon, a dead leaves suddenly arrived on the face of the pigeon. “I guess, the summer is over.”


Photographer: Andrew Yes

“哼!我让你拍了吗!”| 2021年搞笑野生动物摄影奖

This morning, are you also this expression?

“哼!我让你拍了吗!”| 2021年搞笑野生动物摄影奖

The eyes of the non-African Liplings (Pied starlings), a circle “White” surrounded dark beads, it looks anger. Plus them

Under the lower bending is a prominent yellow

The front is like a capture, and the photographer can’t help but sigh: “I like me on Monday morning.”

However, they don’t have to go to work on Monday. When shooting, this group of birds are taking over the tree in a nature reserve in South Africa.

“哼!我让你拍了吗!”| 2021年搞笑野生动物摄影奖

Don’t worry, happy

Photographer: Axel Bocker

In the morning, a blue dragonfly parked on a pink flower seems to gave the camera a big smile.

In these two years, everyone’s emotions are affected by the epidemic. “But when you

Going out, watching the beauty of nature, it seems to be less than me.

“Photographer Axel Bocker, photographed this smile, said. Which day is not smooth, look at this photo, smile will always return to his face.

“哼!我让你拍了吗!”| 2021年搞笑野生动物摄影奖

Well, Monday has passed, sleep well, so sleepy.

Is it blue enough?

Photographer: Larry Petterborg

In a national park of Africa Zambia, a male black and long tail monkey low is low, it seems that he has a blue-blue egg. For black long tail monkeys, the level of testis is about its social status –

The lower the grade, the more blue of the testicles

Are you, is it a larger image?

Let Goose Kang Kang

“哼!我让你拍了吗!”| 2021年搞笑野生动物摄影奖

Photographer: Charlie Page

In the meadow, a group of foraging millet has attracted the attention of the photographer. At this time,

There is only a small geese suddenly takes another way, hiding behind a bench chair legs

. After a while, it smashed the head and explored the small head:

“Let goose Kang Kang, who is sneak the goose.”

When the strong is lost

Photographer: David Eppley

White sea carvings are a large raptor, the female body is large, and the width of the wings is 2 meters. In order to give an egg to find a safe place, they will build a big nest on a very high tree. Some white sea carvings parents

Every year, I will return to the same bird’s nest, bring some broken branches, leaves or subfraneous materials, and add bricks to the old nest.

Usually, for them, it is a small matter. But obviously, this white sea carving in the photo is a bit amnexed. However, it fans two wings, and quickly adjust it back.

After a break, the raptor began to pick up the branches.


In fact, the bear is just climbed down from the tree | Pal marchhart


“哼!我让你拍了吗!”| 2021年搞笑野生动物摄影奖

One like a “嘻” laughing seal | Martina Novotna

Home isolation

Squeezing the raccoon in the tree hole | Kevin Biskaborn

Working tiger

In fact, it stands up and faces it | SiddHANT Agrawal

Play a song for you

Photographer: Roland Kranitz

Talking about love is not as dancing

Photographer: SAROSH LODHI

Happy to have a two hundred kilograms of children

Photographer: Wenona Suydam


Photographer: Clemence Guinard

Interested in voting on the official website to vote for their favorite work, and the voting of the working product will be closed on October 12. The final winner will be announced on October 22.

Although it is found in 2015, the funny wildlife photography award can cause extensive attention every year.

“哼!我让你拍了吗!”| 2021年搞笑野生动物摄影奖

This competition will take some profit every year to donate to an animal protection agency.

This year is no exception, 10% of the net income of the game will donate to a red hairy orangutan protection organization in Borneo.

The founder of the event said that these interesting photos can make different cultural backgrounds, people of different ages see that they may never see the creatures in this life.

In the past, people saw photos of many wild animals and their habitats. Therefore, it is necessary to try a unique tool through humor,

Use a relaxed way to enhance people’s understanding of wildlife protection

“哼!我让你拍了吗!”| 2021年搞笑野生动物摄影奖


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“哼!我让你拍了吗!”| 2021年搞笑野生动物摄影奖

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“哼!我让你拍了吗!”| 2021年搞笑野生动物摄影奖

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“哼!我让你拍了吗!”| 2021年搞笑野生动物摄影奖





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