51 years old workers vines and fragrant dishes are small, Wan Yuan belt with Di Olympics gorgeous, full of heart thought to help daughters

According to the Japanese media, the female singer Fuji is fragrant in the social platform, and the latest private service wearing, the beautiful noble modeling, the netizens can not help but call: Queen King!


Seiki, a long-awaited, a long time, leaving a long Liu Hai more appearance. Wearing a bubble sleeve palace windshirt, taking a high-open fork half dress, the waist line is a top-wide belt with nearly 10,000 yuan, the Baris Gao Brand Alaia, which makes the size more superior. Take a simple and elegant style of stainless fragrance only wear a clavicle chain, no other jewelery is decorated, so full of high-grade gorgeous feelings. Senior trendy female star out of the line is not simple, although a black color is low-profile, but the designed single product combination looks like wearing a dress, with a hairdressing hairstyle, directly falling red carpet can spike Philippine.


And the length of the taking the length and the opening angle just exposed a pair of fiber legs, static fragrance stepping on the net strap long boots beauty. This pair of difficulty is super high boots to make a general hope, but it does not dare to try, but there is an increase in the gas field in the stranque, and the visual impact is very strong.

The fragrance of the vintage Queen’s wind dress, but I took a Dior cosmetic bag, very robbed, in order to give the Dior image ambassador wood village heart beauty (Cocomi) goods, mother is fragrant, it can be described as tough. And this seemingly unpleasant bag and the overall shape did not have a sense of violation. The netizen sighed: also in the wines and fragrances can bring the cosmetic bag to the dinner.


In addition to playing the daughter, the fragrance has also performed with the same stage with the heart, and the versatile heart is accompanied by mother flute, and the mother and daughter have caused a big response.

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