Boy don’t learn Luhan again, so wearing a hat will make you welcome more than girls.

With the continuous improvement of society, the current 00 and 10 have become more and more refined after the 00 and 10, and the dress of the male star is often a fashion model.

Like Luhan’s clothes, the boys will be very milled as long as they feel slightly. Obviously, it was 30 years old, and there was still a young man, and the fundamental reason was that his baseball cap is really a little age ~

Although Luhan wears a hat very sunshine, but the duck hat and baseball hats are also very picky for boys’ face, and they may become Xiaoyue Yue.


Luhan Dai Beinean temperament will become a very small brother


But when the boys accidentally choose the wrong hat, it may become a small six


Luhan weaving knit hat will become very handsome, boyfriend is full

However, ordinary boys will become Song Xiaobao.

Hahaha, let’s make a joke. In fact, the hat is trying to tell the boys, there is a lot of hats that can choose to choose, there is no need to choose what kind.

Today, we will focus on the “gentleman hat” that generally boys don’t know much. At the end of the 18th century, “gentleman hat” has been rewritten by a man named Hetherington.


One day he wore a high-top hatred in London Street, and then attracted everyone’s gaze and changed people’s definition of the hat.


At that time, the media comments this: “


It changed the face of men, everyone will accept accessories on the top of this head sooner or later.

Confident and status men usually choose a big hat, 14-19cm’s large hat crown field.


By the 19th century, “gentleman hat” began to make up quality and low-key routes. Unless it is extremely important occasion, it has appeared very exaggerated shape.


Ok, let’s introduce several common “gentleman hats” ~


Fedora soft cap:

The material of the soft cap is very soft, the hat is wide, informal hats. The name of Fedora is very drama, it was originally taking a series of dramas called “fedora”.


It is said that


Around 1924, the Prince Edward was extremely obsessed with Fedora style, and then became a classic men’s hat and was loved by most male Wenqing. No wonder Zhang Ruo Wei really likes to wear ~ plus a small glasses, instant literary fan is full


Trilby jazz

The name of “Trilby Hat” comes from the British writer George Du Moliye’s styling novel “Trilby” (Trilby), characteristics: the hat is slightly short, the hat is narrow

There are a lot of people who can’t divide the jazz and hats. In fact, the jazz hat is short, some will tilting down, backwards, while the hat of the hat is relatively flat. Very suitable for cool cover like Wang Yibo ~ minimal black and white match, very easy to compete

Boater hard straw hat

The words of the straw hat may sound enough, and the gentleman can’t never get it, but

The hard straw hat is in the West is a formal cap of men’s summer.

The hard straw hat is generally made of hard strass and brown rope. The 18th century is already the standard equipment of the summer party. Boater is equipped with the British Navy. The British Navy is equipped, which can avoid direct sunlight, in recent years. Soured by the yacht lovers. Like Liu Yuli, this kind of youthful youthful youthful youthful, wear it more refreshing ~ Striped bottoming shirt plus a denim jacket, properly calm

Panama Panama straw hat

Although Panama is called “Panama Cap”, it is actually from Panama, but Ecuador. There is a precious raw material Touruura, a precious raw material of Panama hats.


Because of the unique and complex production process, the Panama straw hat is extremely dependent on superb hats during the preparation process. And because of the characteristics of breathability and weight of Panama, many people are deeply affected.

Because Panama’s raw hats are more expensive, they have received many big aristocrats. Most of the big stars who like Panama hoods in China are more biased towards the uncle of maturity. Yes, our hills will like it, they are no longer afraid ~

So, I like to wear a hats, I can miss the opportunity to make myself handsome ~ because of a baseball cap.

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