Uld women still wear coats the most temperament, choose these three ways, fashionable age

No matter what age, there is a pursuit of fashion and beautiful rights. Even the appearance and the middle-aged women who are not as good as they are, they can also match their unique style. For middle-aged women, choosing a textured and simple single product is the most suitable, especially in autumn and winter, I recommend everyone to wear a lot of coats, using the following three ways to wear trendy agents. .


First, coat + pants

Designing a simple and wild coat can be said to be the first choice for middle-aged women, using solid color coat, with casual and energetic denim trousers, low-key and temperament, under such a simple look, Highlight the fiber sensation of the calf, and the coat shoulder design is smartly modified, and the whole person looks more practical and fall, which is quite spiritual.


For this fresh gentle-style light coat, the most simple matching method is to match the coat of sweaters and trousers, like this lady chooses a black high collar sweater and dark blue straight trousers, jeans Slim and leisure effects are all in the pants. It is used to match the knee style.

For fashionable pursuits, it is never stabilized in a fixed style, and the advanced and personality mix and match, now uses in many fashionable people.

The version of the simple and classic little lapel black woolen coat, whether it is from color or design, it belongs to the style of the Chinese rule, but this is because it is a good attribute, used to mix and match the gray hooded sweater and white casual pants, whit I don’t think there is a sense of suddenness, and the feet are a pair of high-top canvas shoes, the thick-founded design, naturally reached the effect of increasing the length of the leg, and then equipped with a gray scarf, and the literary low key.


In autumn and winter, for mature women, I want to choose a hundred coats that are not annoying, the most recommended to everyone or classic and desperate camel woolen coat.

If you want to match the camel’s coat, you can put on the top of the LOOK, laminated the brown griller suit and the black v lead the bottom of the bottom, and the three layers of inside and outside are superimposed. It is completely unslight. The lower body is equipped with a high waist dragging leather pants, with black thick shoes on the feet, is full of domineering, full of fashionable women’s refreshments.


Refreshing and high-looking light colors, with classic and unlawful sense, is a lot of gentle-style ladies can’t resist, no matter what aged women wearing this kind of color style, it will make people look bright.

The lower body is equipped with a milk tea whisper trousers and plush slippers, which is lazy, full of winter atmosphere, so that it is used to go out and concave shape is also good.


Second, coat + dress

Light toned woolen coat not only contributes to the whiteness of the skin, but also allows the clothes to exude natural and comfortable gentleness, this lady uses loose rice white coat with ink green V neck dress, deep V Designed, the exquisite clavicle and the slender neck line are perfectly displayed, and the woman is full.


In addition, the intersection design on the inner dress is particularly bright. These details have weakened the monotonous and dullness of the shape. At the same time, the designed element is also bright, the length of the skirt is just right and The clothes of the coat are flush, avoiding the drag and cumbersome styling, with a pair of camel boots on the feet, very elegant.


Bright eye and advanced contrast color matching, in autumn and winter, it is more popular, using fresh ladies style pure green wool dress with white coat, refreshing and vitality, making people look in front.

The exquisite pearl necklace and retro black grid small bags are shape, adding an expensive, with white stockings and plush slippers, this appearance of this revealed ankle, appears that the calf line is slightly straight, Extraordinary legs are long.

Third, coat + short boots

The bright rose red jacket belongs to a completely uncharacterized type, wearing mature women with better age-up effect, and this version of the wide coat, does not pick up your body, and you can stay at HOLD.

In terms of matching, we can also match the black tight pants and white ankle boots, showing the slimming of the calf line, and the retro black gray color pattern of the neck, and the coordination of the overall match Higher, there is no violation.

Winter styling is refreshing, if the version of its own jacket is a wide thickness, this time can weaken the tightening method to weaken bloated, just like this wide dark brown plush jacket with black tight The shape of the feet pants, exquisite and advanced and no feelings.

Inside the selection of a black low-collar appearance, exposed a large and white neck, the bare skin is conducive to weakening the stuffy feelings, but also highlights the unique female charm, wearing a silver necklace in the neck, enhances exquisite Degree, no taste.

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