Shanghe Youth Partner: Not only “add friends”, but also to cooperate in depth

14 tables were placed in four sides, 14 sides of the flags of different countries were standing next to the table. The “Participation” came to the “Participation” campers of the 4th Shanghai Cooperative Organization, from the Shanghai Partnership Organization, observers and dialogue partners.

This is the first time, Shanghai Cooperation, the first time, held a cooperation meeting, and the atmosphere at the scene exceeded everyone. Campers will put their own special food, exquisite handicrafts, and put a partner who introduces the book’s manual to the “negotiation” partner. In order to attract everyone’s attention, some campers are launched by the booth, and they dance with the drums.

Kyrgyzstan campers received honey gifts from Uzbekistan; Russian campers and Chinese campers chatted with drones; a Tajikistan camper found that the backpack pattern of Mongolian exhibitions, and their own country A traditional comics is very similar, and he said to Mongolian owners, there are many similar things in the two countries, and hope to have the opportunity to become partners.

Takjikistan Youth League member Ji Kle Chabova collected a business card on his own partners, and gave everyone a lot of apricots, honey, and pastries. She said to China Youth Daily · Zhongqing Online reporter: “I really like this negotiation, I can introduce my motherland here, introduce the mountains and specialties of my hometown, I also have a lot of new friends, I hope there is more cooperate.”

Ji Klai Chaibova felt this scene like the epitome of communication: the youth representatives of the Organization of Organization exchanged, establish friendship and find opportunities.

On April 26, the 4th Shanghai Cooperatives Youth Exchange Camp opened in Qingdao, China. At the invitation of the National Youth Federation of China, more than 200 campers have visited Beijing and Qingdao in Beijing and Qingdao.

Mongolian Stategress Like Garri Hergee has studied at administrative management of Renmin University of China. After graduation, returning to Mongolia, is currently the General Secretary General of the Mongolian Mongolian Association in Mongolia. In his opinion, participating in the organized youth communication camp is a young representative in the field of national politics, economic and cultural, and youth is the future of the country, and the establishment of a contact between youth will promote longer-term cooperation between countries. He observed that the demand for campers no longer stayed in the “plus friends” level, but found more opportunities to cooperate in depth.

At the Afghan University of Afghan University, Ma Long, Afghan University of Language University, told reporters that he is most interesting is the promotion meeting of local economic and trade cooperation. This promotion will explain the investment environment and investment policy of Qingdao, from high-end manufacturing, biomedical, agriculture, IT industry, seven Chinese and foreign young entrepreneurs in the field, and show the latest business outcomes.

Before coming to China, Malone is a Chinese teacher in Afghanistan, while in a manager called “Silk Research Center”. He not only hopes to make friends through this Shanghe Youth Exchange Camp, but also hope to discover opportunities to find potential partners. “We have the opportunity to cooperate in various aspects, such as education, railways, buildings.” He introduced the people around, Afghanistan has many mountains, rich in minerals, and jewels and dried fruits available.

At the promotion, Malone gave a lot of friends, one of the institutions engaged in machine translation made him excited, “translation is a big project in the center, and can promote cultural exchanges through translation books.”

March also brought the Chinese and English introduction of the “Silk Research Center” to the scene. “I want to understand China and other ‘all the way along the country”.

The leader of the Shanghe Organized Youth Board of Kyrgyzstan, said Tarra, a Northern Chairman of the Shanghe Organized Youth Commission, said that the Shanghe Organized Youth Commission has held more than 70 activities. He hopes to participate in the young representatives of this session of the communication camp, can have a new opinion and promote its realization, form a strong friendship on the basis of “Shanghai Spirit”.

Darniar Songjet Bayev, the delegation of Kazakhstan, believes that Shanghe Youth Exchange Camp enables them to contact yours in different countries, understand the projects and experience of other countries, and expect to operate some projects together.

The Shanghe Organized Youth Exchange Camp has arranged access to the Shanghe Local Economic and Trade Demonstration Cooperation Zone, high-end manufacturing, scientific and technological innovation projects, Text Travel & Television projects, youth entrepreneurial incubator, ocean and green economic base.

Driven to visit the ground, volunteers are moved by young friends and open minds. Although the language is unlocked, the campers work hard to understand each other’s culture. Pakistan’s campers have taken the initiative to learn Chinese, “Lushan” “Qingdao” “Thank you” and other words have floated the window; Tajikistan’s campers introduced the Chinese cuisine, he proudly filed “and China Xinjiang Different grabs “; Camper Ti Shi Mahaa from India experienced the Chinese traditional” adult ceremony “, telling the volunteers around you” I like this clothes and bookmarks “; Iranian operators take the initiative A national film “endorsement”.

In Qingdao Dongfang Shadow, the campers talked about movies in different countries. Head of India’s delegation, Head, Head, Head, Head, China and India Film and Television Culture, China’s Chinese Ambassador Luo Zhao, has visited the Bollywood Movie City, which is located in Mumbai, India. After visiting the movie “Wandering Earth” shooting site, Himardrri Su Wan said, “Be sure to see this movie”.

West Yak Bard, the Iranian delegation, invited the staff of Qingdao Dongfang Shadow to participate in the Iranian film festival, he said that Iran also has directed the story about China on China.

Youth entrepreneurship is an important topic of this Shanghe Youth Exchange Camp.

“Sino-Russian Youth Entrepreneur Incubator” exchange project Omius Sandra Kazu Lincina is the third time to communicate in Qingdao, she believes that the Shanghe Organized Youth Communication Not only can better promote youth communication, And when the camper returns to China, you can also share the harvest to your own youth.

Alek Sandra Corinna introduces that China and Russia have launched a young entrepreneurial incubator exchange program in 2016 to 2018. This year’s 24 incubator exchange projects in Russia and China will have more than 240 companies.

What surprised her is that Sino-Russian cooperation experience has been promoted. This year, Russian Qinglian has launched a young entrepreneurial incubator with the Youth of Belarus, Uzbekistan. Your own business envisage, let the younger enterprises in young companies have a true business project. “

It is understood that the coordination per capita of 24 cities from China and Russia in China, the coordination of 24 cities in the exchange of incubators in China, to better share experience with other young friends in the above countries, and explore cooperation.

In this exchange camp, the International Forum on “Building a Dream Road” Youth Entrepreneurship is also praised by the campers. The United Nations Development Program, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ou Asian, Russian Youth League and other experts and the youth representatives work around “new kinetic energy and new opportunities for youth in the Shanghe region”. In addition, the Shanghe Organized Youth Entrepreneurship Exchange Base (Qingdao) was unveiled in the forum, and the China National Youth Federation and the Indian Youth Leaders Association have signed the “Memorandum of the China National Youth Association and Indian Youth Leaders; China International Youth Exchange”; The Center has signed the 2019 “Sino-Russian Youth Entrepreneurial Incubator” exchange project cooperation agreement.

Wang Yanru, Professor Wang Yanru, University of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, “I hope that in the future, all countries will cooperate in all aspects of entrepreneurial education, entrepreneurial incubation, inspiring the innovation of young people, helping youth employment, build a beautiful home.”

It is understood that this year’s superior communication camp is focused on “new opportunities, new future” themes, actively spread and responded to the results of the second “One Belt” International Cooperation Summit Forum Conference, and discussed new opportunities for cooperative development in the same area, promoting Youth build friendship and cooperation, better participation in the “all the way” and build platform for entrepreneurial institutions and entrepreneurial youth.

China Youth Daily · Zhongqing Online Reporter Ma Yuping Source: China Youth Daily

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