8 health cotton evaluation: Sophie is the most resistant “pull” but the bottom, Danbi silk comprehensive evaluation is the highest

After Fuyuanhui participated in the Rio Olympic Games 4 × 100m mixed and swimming relay, I accepted an interview to express myself, “I have a false”, I have no good, I can’t help you.

The problem is coming: Why is Fuyuan Hui to swim? Don’t you suffer a pool?


A good problem, I will have a long and lonely, and I only know such artifact in the first two years –

Sanitary strip


Girls who have used the sanitary wool indicate that the feeling of nothing is not in the “women’s liberation”, opened the new world gate, just want to sing song: “We are not the same …”.

In fact, the cotton should have long been “bad street” in Europe and the United States, but in China’s penetration rate is very low, most people are not willing to use cotton bars, and they have three main points: 1. Talk about cotton strips “color change”; 2 Worried about “breaking”; 3. Worried about the poisonous shock syndrome (TSS). These overlays have had a science, and the little friends who are interested can go back and see, “

In the past 88, why did Chinese women resist the use of it to deal with aunt?

So, which sanitary wool is best used? The 8 sanitary tampons were compared to the evaluation.


Test brand

Bluebao Bluetex, Johnson & Johnson O.B., Naka Natracare, Sophie (Junjia), Danbi, Tampax, Playtamx, Tmaxx, Non-Secret

Test indicator

Efficacy indicators: absorbing performance, cotton line pull

Safety indicators: hygiene

Other indicators: word of mouth, main observations


Test Results




The biggest “blood absorption”,

Sophie (Junjia)

It is not easy to be broken but absorb bad;


8 cotton bars are very hygienic

3. Consumers prefer


Johnson & Johnson O.B. Fortified cotton strips

Not very friendly for novices.

Dan Bi “to the blood volume” biggest

The girls who have no sanitary cotton should know the half solution – such a small pin?

Speaking of how the cotton strips blood, a more adex description is: It is like a bloody tide, the sanitary napkin is holding a big tissue, and the sanitary trough is directly putting the paper towel into strips. Sucking blood in the nostrils.

The test method of the walked long reference sanitary napkin is compared to the absorption effect of 8 cotton bars. Two of these key indicators are: the absorption rate (reflecting the absorption of sanitary napkins / tampon), the amount of penetration (reflects the absorption speed of sanitary napkins / tampon).

The final measurement results show that the strongest absorption performance is Dan Bi-tampax;

Sophie is the lowest, and the absorption effect is relatively poor.

. (Figure 2)

This has to talk about the sanitary woven and sanitary napkins.


1. Different ways

: This doesn’t have to talk more about it, a panties, a stuffard (ah, I will not be too straightforward, smashing …);

2. Structure

: The sanitary napkin is a flaky, the area is large; the sanitary wool is a bar, and the child is small, and it is probably the size of the finger head;

3. Different materials

: The main absorption material of sanitary napkins is a polymer water absorbing resin; the main absorption material of the cotton strip is pure velvet pulp (wood pulp), which does not contain a polymer water absorbing resin, and some cotton strips are cotton, artificial fibers.

4. Different absorption

: Theoretical sanitary napkins is higher than the health cotton bar, but in the actual use process, the sanitary strips need to be replaced when the blood is full, and the replacement time can be maintained for 3, 4 hours or longer; It is one of the squeezed blood after absorbing blood every 2 or 3 hours, not to be replaced after all the area is sucking.

Sophie is the most resistant to “pull”

Some people are really worried that the cotton rod can’t be pulled?


Ok, it is obvious.

Since you are worried, there is no reason to do not measure, and please have a strong female man in the office.

The test process is: fixing the cotton strip in tensile force, pulling the cotton strip to collapse, record the maximum pull-up instant to the cotton wire break (喏, is the following).

▲ cotton tensile test

Test results show,

Sophie can bear the biggest pull

It is equivalent to hanging “a barrel of water” without break; PlayTamx is relatively weak, but it is still able to withstand 5 pounds of pull. (Figure 3)

So, the girls don’t have to worry, as long as you don’t have to go to the power of flood, it is difficult to break the cotton line.

▲ 8 cotton strip cotton tensile measurement results


8 cotton sanitary conditions

In addition to the problem of concept, there is an important reason for the hindering Chinese women to accept cotton: the cotton strip is not clean? – “That is to put it in the vagina. What do you have to be lost by bacterial infection?”

There is such a concern. Health risks such as urinary system infection, pelvic inflammatory disease.

The calling event also sounds the alarm of the manufacturer and consumers, and the health safety of products is very important!

The gums were detected in 8 coliformities in 8 coliforms in 8 cotton, pathogenic pyrogen (Pretorius, Golden Staphylococcus aureus and hemolytic streptococcus), and the total number of bacterial / fungal colonies.


The test results show that

8 cotton microbiological indicators are in line with standards, health conditions are good

. Among them, Sophie’s gentle sanitary tampan health safety indicators are disinfection stages, compared to general-level requirements. (Figure 4)


Does built-in tampons increase the incidence of female vaginal infections, or cause cervical inflammation such as cervical erosion, or increase cervical erosion?

Experts think it will not.

Beijing Friendship Hospital and Shanghai Municipal Family Planning Scientific Research Group recruited 300 Chinese women used to use toilet strips to observe their impact on the incidence of vaginal, cervical mucosa mechanical stimulation and vaginal infection.

The conclusion is: safety!

In addition to the sanitary safety of the cotton strip itself, the production process may be contaminated, and there is also pollution in the process of unpacking, use, etc.

For example, when you touch the cotton pad, the bacteria in your hand may be contaminated onto the cotton, which may cause cross-infection.

Therefore, the gossip is reminded,

Use the sanitary wool must pay attention to the cleaning and hygiene of both hands and vulva

Before putting the cotton strip into the vagina, it should be washed with the hands, do not touch the catheter and cotton bars entering the vagina, and the informant bathroom should be used to replace the cotton strip using a special glove or finger set to avoid bacteria to the vagina. .


Blue boat “is disadvantaged”, the best of Danbi

Many consumers have expressed “retranscent new students” after using the cotton bars, “Open the New World Gate”, or “I don’t want to use it back to aunt”, “I thought it was a fake”.

However, there are also many consumers say: “One-handed blood”, “still has a foreign body”, “I have a little pain when I pull it out,” said it is not in, it will not use “.

Light said that the fake fake, the gumman specially recruited 10 cotton experiences, or trying to try a small sister of the cotton, the 8 cotton strips were subjectively experienced, and more than 40,000 pieces were analyzed. Tmall and Jingdong e-commerce comment data tell you the real feelings.

Divided according to the placed vaginal mode

Catheter type



Sanitary strip. The 8 sanitary wools participating in the test also included both of them, of which the catheter cotton bars were divided into two types of long-capacity pipes and short conductors.

▲ The picture above shows the three types of cotton strips of this test, from left to right, respectively: long catheter, short conduit, referral cotton strip


The main view test results show that

Danbi silk comprehensive experience is better

, In terms of comfort, convenient use, etc.;

Blood treasures are subjectively experienced in terms of comfort, cotton bars.



Johnson, due to the low degree of use, the ranking is rely

. (Figure 5)

Below, let us listen to the voice of volunteers after using the cotton:

Ms. Liu: “Sophie (Junjia) cotton strips have been used after approximately 3 hours


. And Danbi, non-secret push and take out are more comfortable.

No foreign body sensation

The use process does not feel the existence of the cotton, but the Danbi is removed. “


Ms. Dong: “

There are more blue leaks and difficulties

Spicy chicken! Sophie (Junjia) is easy to pull out. “

I wish Ms.: “Tmaxx missed it in 2 hours.

Non-secret anti-hand handle is great

Reward a chicken leg. “

Ms. Dou: “

Johnson & Johnson’s absorption is more


However, this type of poison is very unfriendly, and it is not convenient to do not support the newcomer. “

In addition to Ms. Du, there are also many volunteers who have the same feelings:

Johnson & Johnson o.b. Sanitary wool is difficult

, Compared to this type, catheter tampon is more easy to operate.

Dangli is most favored in the word of mouth; many consumers say that Johnson, Kaika and Sophia are more difficult to pull out, TMAXX has a strong sense of irritation and poor use.


Correct posture using the sanitary wool

Finally, give you a “plug-in” from the long, so that you will no longer give up the cotton bar for “plug.”

1. Please select

Regular, safe guarantee

Big brand, don’t buy some hit cotton bars such as a treasure or some merchant;

2. The entrance to the push of the sanitary wool is

Vaginal port

Not a urethra;

3. Find the right angle and posture to put the cotton bars, squatting or standing, etc., try twice;

4. Push the depth of the cotton strip is:

Until you basically don’t feel its existence

5. In the use of sanitary strips

Wash your hand before and after

It is best to purchase a special glove, and the kinemaking in the open or expired, do not put it in the bathroom or moisture to avoid the use of contaminated cotton;

6. Select the cotton bars (large, medium, small) of the cotton bars according to their own blood volume, and novices can be used with pads or sanitary napkins.

Note that according to the blood volume change rational adjustment model

When replacing, if the cotton strip is dry, it is difficult to extract, and the amount of absorption is small;


7. Novice can try to use it is relatively easy

Catheter cotton strip

, Use the referral cotton strip after being skilled;

8. The cotton spacing is more than 3-6 hours.

Replacement interval is absolutely less than 8 hours

! If you are not sure if you want to change, then the cotton line behind the cotton bars, if the cotton line has been blood, then you should change it;

9. Important things will come again: don’t forget to remove the cotton bars! and

Be sure to avoid sleeping over the night without changing the cotton bar

If you want to use night, it is best to call you to “pee”, and change your cotton (Tips: Single Dog Please have a alarm clock);

10. If you feel uncomfortable after using the correct steps, don’t stick it, or find the sanitary napkin to love each other.


Is there any resolution of your health and cotton bar assessment? If there are other questions, you can leave a message to consult with the elongated!






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