It was also shocked by Song, wearing “big V collar” dress, playing the princess, headband into a pen

There is no gay in the skirt shape, which depends to a large extent on the design of the dress. When the skirt is too close, although it can show a sexual curve, it is worse than the style with a big skirt. And the big skirt is also able to collect meat, suitable for female attempts to bias.

Song Yi’s recent lavender, not only coloring is very novel, but also with a vintage sensible bubble sleeve design, the arm is lined and more thin. The tightening of the skirt and the contrast of the big skirt is clear, which emphasizes the position of the waistline, and can make a gorgeous and romantic atmosphere.


This period is small catalog:


1. Song Yizhen analysis;

2. How to match the gorgeous and exquisite dress shape;


Song Yu’s wearing analysis

Although Song Yei’s skirt has many retro elements, the lavender skirt is enough to make visual surprises. Lavender or nominal synonymous with an exciting, large area is used in clothing, both strong extractive effects, and will not be as exaggerated as other bright colors.

The design of the bubble sleeves emphasized the retro charm, the skin design of the chest can disperse the solemn feeling of the long skirt. After matching the hair style, the lines of the shoulder neck will become more conspicuous. Song Yi also wearing a lavender hair band, and the skirt formed a clever echo.

How do you match a gorgeous and exquisite dress shape?

Tip 1: Skirt vintage elegance

Although the retro trend is popular in the fashion world, we have to avoid the body package too strict. For example, when wearing a long skirt, the shoulder sleeves are also conservative, but they will not only be bound by the body, but also look at the autumn.

Song Yi’s recently wearing this long dress with a more practical dress. Waist and skirts are gorgeous, and the small bubble sleeves can increase the gas field. Smartly exposes the skin of the shoulder and neck and back, which can easily feel the feeling of shape, and will not feel very light.

This skirt is still a thin-skinned cutlery, especially suitable for pear shaped body. The typical feature of the pear shape is that the lower body is full, if wearing a skirt or a tight skirt, it will expose the problem on the curve, which affects the beauty of the shape.


Tips 2: Coloring freshness

In addition to emphasizing trendy feelings from tailoring, we can also show individuality with novel color matching. The color of this skirt on Song Mi is, with elegant and professional fans like light mature women. Because of the relationship between tonal saturation, we will not look very vivid.

If you think that the lavender age is insufficient, you can also try to wear light pink skirts. Pink with more girl’s breath, just a relatively high completion of complex skin, if the skin color is dull, we must wear pink, and finally the effect is often very rustic.

Light blue is also common colors in stars and hipsters. It not only has achieved effect, but also people’s skin color is more white, and more suitable for Asian women try. Only blue has a visual cooling effect, and it is more suitable to wear in the hot season.


Tips 3: Details Exquisite Stylish

Song Yu’s solid color dress can have exquisite trendy, mainly related to the details of the skirt. For example, the pleated elements of the skirt are improved. Pleples can also show the dynamic fans, which can attract women who are eager to show their personality.


Song Yi also made a colored hair band for the skirt, not only the exquisite hair style, but also improved the overall feeling of wearing. In addition, Song Yizheng’s sage has a necklace, which is a very strong metal, which can improve your antergeous value in invisible.

After reading the analysis of Song Yizhen, we can find that as long as it is too strict, and selects novel tones, the retro dress can also have a modern hipster fan. When the silhouette is more exaggerated, there will be some kind of visual sense of the hidden.

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