Electric chicken Times: Two Audi e-tron 55 can challenge Mercedes-Benz EQC?

Audi and Mercedes – Benz armed combat high pressure

This is a very abstract concept, the whole thing, “the future”. However, you may have noticed that this is an indicator: it does not actually like the future. Instead of being surprised, unfamiliar and difficult to manage, it is better to feel what was supposed to be like this.

Maybe you remember the Apple co-founder Steve Jobs (Steve Jobs) released a new iPhone was on stage in 2007. If you’re like me, the first thought is:. “This guy certainly will not spend billions of dollars in the clothing store”

But then, after explaining multi-functional smart features and user interface optimized for the iPhone, you may be sitting there: “of course makes perfect sense why someone would not want to try a different way to do it..?”

When traveling on I meander in the Southern Highlands of New South Wales lush tortuous winding roads, my overall impression is experiencing first mainstream Audi EV behind the wheel. Before me, the front wheel road test editor Nathan Pang Chad (Nathan Ponchard) did not save power for our 2020 Car of the Year Mercedes-Benz EQC.

The pace continues, but the cabin e-tron degree quiet Bentley accustomed to collect royalty fees for the use of the driver. Tires on asphalt produced only distant hiss, quietly slip through the air in air-conditioned car body, but the corner was full of furious but silent running sound.

Later, punk, and I will be more in-depth study of the combustion of motor disadvantage, but now there are two irrefutable facts. The first, which reflects the broader direction of the global automotive industry, and this is clear.

Second, if you ignore the green certificate and the impact from cradle to grave, and only concerned with the basic user experience, it would be great.

It is obvious that these two cars have reached such a high degree of refinement, drivability and convenience of daily operations of polishing, thus separating them will need to explore other factors have more experience. So let’s start with the selection, price, and pay.

电动鸡时代:二线奥迪e-tron 55能否挑战奔驰EQC?

Immediately, the top four e-tron series products than all of its competitors Merc models are higher than a chip. Audi might be late for the Australian market – the wheel in 2018 for the first time in Abu Dhabi to drive – but offers two battery / output options when it arrives here, each with a traditional SUV or a pitched roof Sportback body styles available.

50 quattro SUV models have the cheapest way to get e-tron, the two motors 71kWh battery (front, permanently excited synchronous) power supply that provides power 230kW / 540Nm, priced at $ 137,700.

Review: Mercedes – Benz EQC 2020 Car of the Year in

Conventional series the highest price is 55 quattro Sportback, priced at $ 157,700, “55” logo represents the larger battery (95kWh) and higher output motor (short-time maximum power output of 300kW / 664Nm). For those who are dismissive of these figures, there are about 70 models of high specification, “first edition” models while providing a “55” models, an increase of about $ 13,000 for its rich list of equipment. Our test car is 55 quattro SUV First Edition, priced at $ 159,000, has been tested only increased by $ 2,300 metallic paint.

e-tron 50 SUV will be better matched at least on the price, because in terms of the battery capacity, the EQC 400 Merc unit equipped with a 80kWh of energy in the two wedge itself Audi options.

Merc considerable bis (asynchronous) Number of Motor that the combined power (300kW) and 55 e-tron equivalent, but the torque (760nm) was higher than 96Nm.

This is reflected in EQC’s 0-100 km / h time is 5.1 seconds faster, and 55 e-tron speed of about 0.5 seconds, even if you deploy a boost mode in the sporty driving mode, also takes about half a second time.

电动鸡时代:二线奥迪e-tron 55能否挑战奔驰EQC?

But all are actually brochures gesture, because over time, the accelerator pedal flat stand-up sprint compared with conventional ICE SUV, the correlation in a large heavy-duty electric vehicles even more unreasonable.

However, in order to ensure that all casual observer can provide an early answer to the first question – “How long charge?” – and “depends” answer (to get fully guaranteed) … The fact is, with the ICE engine ratio, there are many other factors that can affect energy consumption.

电动鸡时代:二线奥迪e-tron 55能否挑战奔驰EQC?

Both have in common is the driver of the heavy trunk, but the opportunity to re-power generation, terrain, temperature and auxiliary use is also important. The official number of WLTP think e-tron 55 applies to “over 400 km”, and EQC claims to be 434 kilometers.

电动鸡时代:二线奥迪e-tron 55能否挑战奔驰EQC?

Our tests found that two vehicles are within 0.5kWh of power consumption. It said it is close enough every 100km 29.5kWh. This is “thirsty”, but mainly use the highway (almost no chance of regeneration), hard road driving and dramatically accelerate photography.

In a more typical driving expected Merc each charge of about 330 km, and may be recharged Audi 20 km.

55 e-tron SUV responsible for the larger battery power, the relative EQC GLC SUV size, whether it is from the rear by the tape or the wheel, they are significantly larger. EV is greater than Audi Q5, but less than Q7, although closer to the latter.

Inside, the Audi in all critical areas reveals a large size. Feeling a little wider – the crew is good, but in a narrow range will give the driver a great deal of discomfort – and more second-row legroom.

It can be said, e-tron second row almost flat floor, while retaining the associated EQC GLC required at the rear of its all-wheel drive system of the central hump.

e-tron also better use of the space under the valve cover which is provided a shallow lid storage box to store the charging cable. EQC this wasted space, charging cable luggage bag placed at the rear of the cargo hold.

For the driver, the cockpit is difficult to separate in the design, ergonomics and functionality. EQC has more touch of Art Deco atmosphere, while the Audi has a glossy screen, clean beauty, in the first edition, its surface more quality.

Although Merc trying to solve this problem through its more sophisticated voice command system, but Audi does not require less knowledge to master the infotainment system.

However, when activated Apple CarPlay, EQC waste available screen space in a manner very strange, as compared with a greater proportion of the e-tron display, its display unsatisfactory.

On seat comfort and adjustability, the two are very good. Although that “virtual” exterior mirrors are separate, but can receive e-tron larger framework.

Fully demonstrates the innovative Audi, and to accommodate the camera’s slim outer arm can indeed reduce wind noise, but it takes a lot of time to get used to look at the upper part of a screen door card, instead of looking outward. When the reverse stop in narrow places, they do not provide a wide field of view of the conventional convex mirror.

However, this is the only “future shock” on the e-tron, otherwise it seems designed to provide both familiar and very little driving all white noise and clutter of machinery we use to experience a normal car.

He turned quickly, rather than make people feel uncomfortable, but even so, this is the Ingolstadt brand. More noteworthy is that pure soft and firm determination chassis, adaptive air suspension, almost regardless of the setting you choose to.

Around town, even though the wheel is 21 inches, but the process of moving was quiet and there are attractive. It began hammering on a country road, and it is constantly looking for a firm response to the enormous challenges it faces.

Punk later commented: “It never feel analogy, this is not surprising, but it’s really satisfying its dynamic fluency good control of the movement of the body; it has a more lightweight than beef qualities. “

电动鸡时代:二线奥迪e-tron 55能否挑战奔驰EQC?

By observation, at least at cruising, e-tron R8 other than only rear-wheel drive system, e-tron also monster. In order to reduce consumption of electric charge, the front portion of the electric motor only when the throttle opening degree required or when (instantaneous) or cornering traction load run, even so, continues to drive distribution toward the rear 60%.

Merc? In isolated drive, you will find it difficult to EQC troubleshooting. Faithful readers will recall the way it gets COTY glory in February 2020, which to some extent, thanks to “any Mercedes SUV previously unavailable level of polish and a lack of integrity.”

But, as the Olympic gold medal does not necessarily mean a new world record, the first step of the podium COTY means that the car has never been perfect soon. Any car can not absolve room for improvement.

Mercedes-Benz is indeed passed by Audi who control surfaces immediacy and enthusiasm. And e-tron unique softness and gloss compared to polishing, it feels softer, more attractive.

电动鸡时代:二线奥迪e-tron 55能否挑战奔驰EQC?

Nose wheel more urgent response to input, in the non-motion driving mode in which the throttle feel clearer. Like Audi, as it’s running very well, and there is little difference in terms of quiet cabin. Subjectively speaking, the overall edge e-tron is small, but some still face the introduction of the hollow thud sounded like a tire.

Only true bypass wick on demanding roads, the pros and cons of dynamic began to emerge.

EQC feel a little better (if this is 2480 kg SUV’s term), but not completely overwhelm the road submission of management of e-tron.

电动鸡时代:二线奥迪e-tron 55能否挑战奔驰EQC?

Sometimes, the real harmful asphalt bitumen will be part of the conspiracy to expose gaps EQC front of the strut / rear air spring set in, the front damping solutions will throw the white flag.

电动鸡时代:二线奥迪e-tron 55能否挑战奔驰EQC?

Punk said: “Compared with e-tron, EQC can have a higher high, but can also be dropped to a lower low Audi has the highest consistency, never lose the ball …….”

电动鸡时代:二线奥迪e-tron 55能否挑战奔驰EQC?

Thus, for the dynamic stabilization hard drive, e-tron trying to lead. However, when it comes to regeneration of the car, and how to work seamlessly in normal driving, EQC is the key.

There are two distinct ways. When approaching other road furniture such as a car or a roundabout, e-tron will automatically use a certain degree of regeneration, but can be disabled in the MMI system to get more casual glide feeling.

电动鸡时代:二线奥迪e-tron 55能否挑战奔驰EQC?

However, a revolver can be paddles or two additional pulses regenerated manually force is divided into two levels. Then, when you re-accelerates, it will reset to the normal state, waiting for your next input. Although the level of regeneration may be fixed, but still may be achieved by the MMI, giving more EV owners to “single-pedal” feel.

电动鸡时代:二线奥迪e-tron 55能否挑战奔驰EQC?

Meanwhile, Merc provides four-regeneration calibration, from “almost no” to the strongest calibration, enough to make you start driving almost no brakes.

So, other mundane but equally critical things related to the electric vehicle ownership and how? Well, here’s qualifier is that most car owners will be charged at home overnight, so the difference in the fast DC charging capability may only appear in the occasional trip, depending on your typical usage.

However, if you make regular long-distance travel, so these two cars have free access Chargefox network. Merck (Merc) for five years, Audi (Audi) for six years. Thanks to better heat management system of the battery, e-tron can be absorbed faster charge rate.

电动鸡时代:二线奥迪e-tron 55能否挑战奔驰EQC?

Although the east coast only 14 super-fast charger can exceed this level, but the available place, Audi can withstand the maximum DC power of 150kW, while the EQC can withstand the maximum power of 110kW (see sidebar on), and regular use of these chargers. Adversely affect long-term health of the battery.

Also, remember, if less, about 150 km away from the goal charger, so two cars can swallow enough energy in 15 minutes.

电动鸡时代:二线奥迪e-tron 55能否挑战奔驰EQC?

In an afternoon coffee, I and punk (Ponch) agree that there is some unavoidable facts need to recognize. The first is, in fact, has not been introduced than the 2016 Tesla Model X gull-wing lead to greater range, output or performance. This means that either the motor efficiency and stable cell density, or insurgents who its competitors in Tesla was a huge leap, from which they are still catching up, or completely other.

The second point is that, for potential owners on a regular basis in terms of long-distance transport, EQC and scope of the e-tron is likely to be a problem. Toll highway cruising range of from 80% to a maximum of no more than 200 kays (assuming that requires a buffer to find a suitable fast charger), and assuming you do not do this, you need 30-40 minutes each time stops charging time without waiting charger.

But this rarely use. For most car owners currently senior driving the SUV, the two pairs of any one seamlessly deployed to the everyday driving life, because they have deployed powertrain power and motivation.

The choice of winners, the most likely conclusion is no loser. But even if we ignore the price and size differences between the two test vehicles, and the EQC and direct e-tron rival 50 quattro SUV (price difference of $ 200, can be ignored) par, saw with battery and battery the EQC. Output advantage, and e-tron still maintains its counter space and (Slim) kinetic advantage.

We will provide it to Audi with a meager advantage, but both manufacturers have committed this to the beginning of all segment electric vehicles. Therefore, the broader application is that the future is actually defined and is not difficult, andIt looks very attractive.