Huawei intelligent choice intelligent dictionary pen experience: Identification rate and professional high?

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For our generation of 90, the most worried thing is English, no one in the family, there are fewer classes, and the teacher can’t be one-on-one. At that time, the advanced English dictionary could not afford it. And pronunciation, can only repeat the tape. Under

However, after double reduction policies, parents should take more responsibility for education, plus the pressure on work, can be said that it is the pressure of the mountain. Fortunately, I have launched Huawei’s intelligent dictionary pen and Huawei, and the wisdom observation is also the first to experience it. In addition to the professional and convenience of hardware, the linkage with Huawei mobile phone is even more likely to learn quickly. Of course, there are still many netizens have questions, is it useful to learn English in English? The next article will give this answer.

2.5D + Star Black Color Technology Sense Intelligent Pen


As a product of Huawei and cooperation, you can see the imprints in the box, Huawei Hilink’s logo represents the personality selling point of this pen. Open the box, the official factory except for smart pen products, also equipped with the manual and charging data cable.


It is worth noting that Huawei’s smart word clerk charging port is Type C, designed in the end of the product, like the current Android smartphone, which is convenient for data line management, unifying one.


Since named smart pen, there should be a traditional pen should have a feeling of conventional pen. At this point, Huawei’s smart dictionary pen is done. According to the officially given data, Huawei intelligent choice has a smart word clearance of 147.76X30.4X13.85MM, the weight is only 72g, even if the child is used, the size and weight is also better.


Moreover, Huawei’s intelligent choice has a good arc of the smart dictionary pen, and it is very comfortable. At the same time, the speaker is designed in the back, and the sound of the outside is also loud. By the way, in order to avoid nothing to family, you can wear headphones, the earphone hole is charging port, which is very convenient.


In the side of Huawei’s intelligent word clearance, two buttons are designed, and the function is distinguished with colors. Where red is the power button, control the switching machine and lock screen by pressing the length of the press time. Black button is a Home button, short press to return to the main interface, long press, can open the voice assistant. However, there is a small suggestion here. If the red power button can be made, it is good, just like the power button of many mobile phones, this feel is more comfortable.

At the front end of Huawei’s intelligent chromathematical pen, it is a key part. It is equipped with a press-based lamp control system. When pressing, the light is turned on, illuminating the identified area, and improve the recognition accuracy. In the pen tip, it is equipped with a camera that supports a high angle of 30 degrees, increasing scanning range and precision.

Finally, it is a 2.97-inch large screen equipped with a smart dictionary pen, 2.5d material, a touch of touch, and the visual experience is also very good at 254 * 800. Yes, in order to cater to different customs users, Huawei’s intelligent dictionary pen is commonly used before use, according to the different hands, the scanning direction is different, which is very professional. Very user-friendly.

At a point, it is not only a translation pen.

As a smart dictionary pen, the identification accuracy and whether the operation is convenient. According to Zhiyi, Huawei’s intelligent dictionary pen built-in mass content, including Oxford High-Order Dictionary, GRE Dictionary, Sat Dictionary, SSAT Dictionary, IELTS Dictionary, TOEFL, etc. 12 English dictionary, etc. Various qualificent sentences.


In the power-on state, the smart pen will scan the translated place. The screen will be scanned on the screen, and the original text will be read, and the user can also perform a pronunciation test, the dictionary pen will also score. If you need to translate, click on the translation. Sliding, you can also see associatives about query vocabulary, including example sentences, with the meaning of the meaning.

At the same time, Huawei’s intelligent dictionary pen also supports long sentences and multi-line scanning function, after lifting the pen, the content of continuous scanning within 2 seconds will automatically splicing into a sentence. Translation. After a few days, after a few days of experience, the wisdom observation believes that Huawei’s intelligent choice has no problem in the performance experience, first is to identify fast and accurate, followed by pronunciation standard, you can also choose American or English pronunciation, and finally Extension is rich.

Huawei intelligent choice has a smart dictionary pen built-in 1GB + 16GB memory, which can be imported into MP3 format, and practice listening anytime, anywhere. In addition, it is also possible to download after the networking network, and the pronunciation standard can also be scored. As we all know,

More open interactions, smart, this smart pen is done

After a few days of experience, the wisdom observation believes that in professional, Huawei’s intelligent choice is completely no problem, enough to meet the needs of children, middle school students and even adults such as adults. It is more surprising, it is Huawei’s intelligent dictionary pen on the connection between the mobile phone and the operation and interaction of the hardware device itself.


On the connection with Huawei mobile phone, the whole process is very convenient, and it can be done within a minute. However, when connecting Wi-Fi, attention should be noted that Huawei’s smart dictionary pen only supports 2.4G wireless network, so pay attention when choosing. After the connection is successful, when we query words or translated sentences in Huawei intelligent dictionary, the mobile phone can be displayed synchronously.

Also, the mobile phone will also record the number of queries today, the previous record, the time of study, and the written and extracted, and you can master the information learned at a glance, which is very convenient.


And in Huawei’s intelligent dictionary pen, operation and interaction is also very rich. In addition to the regular query function, you can find the answer by voice. Moreover, Huawei’s intelligent choice has a smart dictionary pen, and the words and statements that have been queried can be added to the words after clicking the asterisk. In addition, when hearing exercises, even if it returns to the main interface, it can be shut down at any time on the screen.

Write in the last:


Although I have passed the age of learning, but after using these days, I suddenly triggered the fun of learning English, and I thought that this is also Huawei’s intelligent smart dictionary pen to provide professional translation and experience, bringing Another value. Indeed, a good device can further enhance the efficiency of learning and increase the initiative of learning. There is a link to Huawei, and it is also a ladder to improve the convenience of this learning, and I can understand my progress in all times. Overall, whether it is a child, or a college student who needs to learn English and a workplace, Huawei’s intelligent dictionary pen is a good choice.


(Text / wisdom observation)

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