Fluffy warm “bread feather dress,” fashion was thin, fear of cold, warm throughout the winter

Went to the cold winter Yes, it was the warm season to prepare a beautiful coat, and this year are crazy popular version of loose big, the streets are kind of lazy, casual, relaxed chic minimalist style full, looking seductive gives a comfortable feeling! Even the most bloated down jacket, the kind with a sense of expansion, relaxed feeling lazy, looking comfortable warm da!




This year’s hot wide Songfan, is the kind of bigger size, style with a sense of expansion, looking at all warm feeling is! Fashion personality at liberty, there is a feeling comfortable bohemian. Loose casual version, more comfortable to wear and stylish! Even a simple cotton jacket, also joined the season’s trendy Harajuku style, the trend is simply to burst! The key is to not pick people wear, what people can live HOID, who really is who wear the color of it!


Embroidered jacket fashion glossy, matte surface texture bright personality, with the ladies from “extravagance”, straight and simple personality handsome, stylish version of design, slender physique, bring out the slim figure. Adding stylish personalized letters pink embroidery, a little more refined sense, so simple design a little more fashion sense, even take the simple base, a pair of black leggings, coupled with significantly higher wear thin, absolutely rosy!


Now fashion is not a trend, and has become a people’s attitude to life, do not wave do not go out, what style to make young people are more like it? That is the most popular Harajuku style, fashionable silhouette loose jackets, hooded Nagymaros collar and cuffs against the background of fur, adding a sweet feeling, and flounced hem stitching design blessing, feel fresh and full of girls, young people endless love!




Fashion down jacket and long sections solid color, length and long sections has been at the forefront of popular, now seems to stand the test of time, its fabric styles have their own language, will be able to impress in a glimpse, the practical, in the cold of winter, a long down jacket, snow unimpeded, wild and strong, but also engaging and practical to wear, not only with your travel horizon, can readily be put on the streets!


Fashion long down jacket coat, version fit cut, comfortable to wear, can be substantially free movement, but can nicely decorated physique, handsome crisp, Slim was thin! Generous and elegant beige, wind and warm stand-up collar, stand licensed type, comfortable profile, symmetrical waist big flap pockets to join, practical, and let Yi Yi is even more delicate fashion!



Fashion loose A-line jacket, luxury fashion hit color Nagymaros collar dotted with fashion loose version of type, very casual, keep them coming straight up Oh! Casual chic straight cuff, warm wind cuff blessing, adding a sense of fashion. Comfortable and relaxed silhouette, short in front long hem, A word version, cover the meat was thin, very street fashion sense of smell. Refreshing cool blue, dull sense of denial, more fresh and beautiful, just put it on, temperament is self-evident!



Fashion short paragraph down jacket collar temperament simple plain black, do not pick people wear and very engaging. Drawstring hem trend of fashion design, split symmetrical design, symmetrical hem personality, personality style, loose silhouette, stylish, and personality, neat little short paragraph, with Slim feet pants, baby wear little man significantly tall and thin, it is necessary for a casual by age!


Nagymaros collar down jacket winter but not the lack of a single product. Today in the power of the wind solid color, fresh and elegant beige very engaging. Hooded collar Nagymaros collar design, luxury and warm wind on the grade, wear more delicate little face vision. Plus a short section of a small compact, compelling bright surface material, it is full of fashion sense. Waist patch pockets large element of embellishment, making the whole a little more practical and playful.



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