Experience carboxyhemoglobin eye study lamp Pro, healthy children learn a good helper

With the increased use of electronic products are now children of frequency, the “eye” into the current market, many concept learning product promotion. Which eye lamp regarded as one of the most popular products, and is in the body for growing children, there is a bright and comfortable desk lamp is particularly important at night studying.

But so many eye lamp market, specific eye effect in the end how, estimated that many parents do not understand, do not know how to choose to buy. Well, today I come to you to experience a relatively recent popular “carboxyhemoglobin eye study lamp Pro”, look at this product in the end so what’s so special?


The appearance of simple, high-definition big screen experience flu


After Eye out from thick package courier box, the first thing I felt this light is very beautiful, whole milk is matte white, very different from ordinary table lamp panels are feeling, and so this was a little more natural simple sense.

In the middle there is a table lamp 6-inch electronic screen, in fact, quite large, and has the equivalent of the size of a cell phone. And it is said to be able to reach a resolution of 1440 * 720, still looking pretty cool, big screen big vision to better meet the requirements of the child’s eye.


In the control panel on the bottom, there are three control buttons. They are switch lock screen, light dimmer switch and the switch nightlight. Zheke intermediate sort button just right, adults and children can easily adjust the brightness, the switch next two relatively sensitive to a light push.


Natural light, the visually escort


In my practical experience, I think this lamp “eye” feature is quite professional. First, it did the full spectrum of light, infinitely close to natural light, so break out the light is very soft, simulated dawn at 9:30 am, in such an environment even eye a long time will not feel tired.

Whether painting or reading a book, it is very high in many scenes in the show of color reproduction, it is said that Ra values ​​of up to 98, when this number closer to 100 as more sunlight, so this is almost no chromatic aberration lighting is very suitable for children painting, drawing and the like, fully stimulate children’s creativity.

In the regulation of light, this light and oxygen as well as custom lamp beads 64, not only the color temperature of 3000k-5000k wide adjustment, switching distinct second cold warm light, ambient light can check weather intelligent, adaptive brightness, particularly convenient. For me personally, I like to set this light, meeting the needs of a variety of light scenes fundamentally, learning, leisure, bedtime lighting ……

Finally, I found this light there is a “magical” place, when writing is no ghosting, promotional cards look after I learned that it takes advantage of “forward cast light” technology, and even light-emitting compound eyes + shadowless effect, can effectively suppress ghosting and improve the chances of learning efficiency ghosting in my writing is very low, breaking away from the child’s learning “black light.”

Most parents buy for eye lamp biggest concern is the “eye effect has this light in the end it?” Do not worry! I specifically went to look at the statistics, found that eye effect this light not only by the national standard test, but also in all aspects of the index far exceeds that of standard AA level. At the same time the anti-flicker blue and has also done well, also through the certification authority TUV, blue almost zero hazard rating, in daily use can effectively avoid the blue eye hazard.

Relative to the market name of “eye” label of the product, I think, “carboxyhemoglobin eye study lamp Pro” in terms of eye is real materials and comfortable environment with the eyes and light experience is very good.


Functional and eye learning things correct

The Eye also has a “student” function, with separate “wisdom eye” lamp above, can accurately identify knowledge learning, but also to help parents work full department to check the child’s situation.

Unique “fingertip search words” without cumbersome operation, where the child does not directly refer to where learning is not English words, Chinese characters, idioms, etc., every problem can be easily resolved. For the point is not knowledge, as well as teacher succinctly video for kids answering resolution. I think this feature, it brings the greatest convenience is to learn the “no cell phone” and naturally the children will be able to stay in school.

Now parents, children often have to bear the inspection work tasks. But for parents of school for many years without contact, the powerless is the norm. In response to this pain point, “carboxyhemoglobin eye study lamp Pro” features specially designed homework. Built-in full knowledge of the whole discipline and learn to point exam, “wisdom eye” precise identification, a key will be able to check the full-page jobs. However, parents need not worry that their child will be completely Chaozuo Ye, table lamps will be the first time will be sent to the parents answering and resolve end APP “carboxyhemoglobin smart”, after parental consent authorizing the child to see the Q & resolution. Not only give parents peace of mind, but also improves the efficiency of self-examination child learning.

When I was the on-screen instructions to install “smart carboxyhemoglobin APP” on the phone after the operation to search words and inspection work at the Eye can be synchronized to the phone. This is intelligent design, into everyday learning scenarios, parents can take to keep abreast of children learning dynamic.

Attention to detail, healthy learning a good helper


After a simple experience, I think this light to do just fine, and some small and very functional design to impress people. For example, this lamp night light design, it is very practical. Both to create a warm sleeping environment, but also to facilitate the child from the night, very user friendly.

The design also takes into account the effects of poor posture on the eye, the unique “sitting Ultrasonic Ranging” reminder, at any time in case of detection of children sitting in the study, as well as eye protection is a good helper!


I believe “carboxyhemoglobin” brand in the beginning of the design, from children to grow and learn in many aspects under consideration, in order to provide a sense of such a good experience for consumers.


I know “carboxyhemoglobin” is focused on the healthy growth of young intelligent hardware brand, is committed to create room for growth in wisdom through continuous technological innovation, has become the wisdom of partner teenagers growing up. Prior to this, before experienced “carboxyhemoglobin” of another general learning pen, did not think the “Eye” design, they also do features, details, quality whole place.

If you need to choose a high-quality “Eye” for the children, I believe that this “carboxyhemoglobin eye study lamp Pro” will be able to meet your needs, worthy of our parents give it a try!