Summer new suits, chiffon shirt + suspenders piece pants, simple wild, more personalized atmosphere accent

Summer should be simple style casual nature-based, even if not too much decoration, can also be very personality and temperament. Stature super good fairies had already put on Mei Mei’s clothes, took to the streets to enjoy show their charm, but what are you waiting for? Try these styles, fashion wild do not pick one, put that beautiful little fairy. The following look, are each set to wear good Kane!

Look1: T shirt + skirts

White T-shirt a little fresh, increase the vitality of the above printing, black skirts sexy enchanting, white dots as a decoration, into the fashion elements, with a pair of flat shoes, looked very good oh!

White T-shirt fashion wild, letters in front reduces the sense of monotony, vertical stripes skirts seem more slender physique, increased front-breasted fashion sense, carrying a bag college wind is clever cute school girl!

Look2: T shirt + Trousers


Wild simple white T-shirt, in front of the pattern is very personal, with white trousers, a T-shirt stuffed into his pants legs can appear, black belt as decoration, bags and shoes with color echoes, details are full!

Although the style is the same, but this outfit, a black T-shirt more simple, more focused on bags and shoes and trousers matched, this mix is ​​more common, but the visual effect is pretty good.

This outfit color brighter, ginger skin appear more white T-shirt, beige trousers more relaxed, with the same color looked very comfortable, a pair of sandals on foot very casual fan!


Black T-shirt was thin cover meat, purple and red letters above staggered, cute and playful, with white pants, wearing sandals, it is suitable for home, oh, if you want to go out, remember to wear a blue plaid round hat Oh!

White T-shirt bottoming, black straight jeans high waist style, both the proportion of elongated legs, but modified legs, little man welfare oh, with a pair of canvas shoes, walking on the street is very compelling!

Black T-shirt Slim comparison, with casual trousers, very neat, leather shoes and bags and T-shirts of colors corresponding to color with very particular, so wear filled with mature temperament.

Bat shirt style shoulders make more soft, with khaki trousers prominent big legs, small leather ladies have the temperament, carrying a white square bag, casual feel natural, but also very wild Oh!

Look3: T shirt + jeans

Loose T-shirt does not pick the body, can easily cover meat, tight jeans legs look more slender, blue baseball cap and a black shoulder bag by age are very single product, this outfit a full range of students.


Look4: Shirt + Trousers


White shirt is really a fairy necessary, V-neck can be exposed sexy collarbone, with black trousers, classic black and white full of fashion sense, as long as the pair of flat shoes, can the United States and the United States out of the street!


Look5: T shirt + pants + jacket


White T-shirt bottoming, black trousers with a lazy kind of feeling of the wind, wearing a pair of sandals, cool and comfortable, if the temperature drops can also wear this coat, anti-temperature effect oh well!


Wearing a black T-shirt in the very thin, denim shorts revealing Guards big legs, Burr adds elements of fashion, Waichuan a black and white plaid jacket, personality and fashion, it is very suitable to wear a summer ride .

Look6: chiffon shirt + suspenders piece pants


Breathable and comfortable chiffon shirt, floral elements look fresh and elegant, black suspenders piece pants are by age, changing the proportion of the body visually, the figure more symmetrical look good, different body of fairies can try Oh!


Look7: sweater + shorts


Black long-sleeved sweater perfectly covered the upper body fat, round neck look more lovely face, white shorts showed off big legs, a black belt with a decorative effect, the overall black and white, very layered, is the summer travel a good choice.

Look8: T shirt + jeans

Purple T-shirt bat shirt style can be modified shoulder, shoulder width suitable for girls, increased the proportion of high-waisted jeans legs, seemed very tall, purplish blue color with impressive, cold wind can reduce summer days of impetuous Oh!

This match roughly the same as above, but more fresh color, add a stylish hat, making this more suitable for travel outfit, put on Mei Mei’s clothes to travel, make your life more colorful now!

Red bean paste seems rosy skin, bright colors and a more compelling, timeless jeans, how to take are the color, red and blue with a classic good-looking, wearing black slippers, street shooting special effects Ay!


Summer dress simply, can not only reduce irritable mood, but also to show the beauty of simplicity. Try the above fashion wild outfit style, you can show their beauty and enjoy the beautiful summer time!