Fuzhou “generous” the boss: 30-year-old self-made, so that 18 personal home billions of dollars, three billionth of employees

30 years ago, in this coastal city of Fuzhou, a group of young scientists full of hot blood “sea”, open scientific and technological innovation. Today, their business has developed into a spanning IT, networking, big data three blocks of high-tech industrial group, serving more than 5,000 people worldwide and operates in more than 100 countries and regions. In 2014, the CPC Central Committee to visit this company to inspect, praised the “you not to make a little money, with vision, stations quite high.” This enterprise is the New World Technology Group.


This is a mystery lurking in the water business for many years; a walk in the forefront of emerging industry of Applied Science and Technology; the vanguard of a group of experienced hardships of frustration to fail; “men and women gold partner” to match one pair founded two listed companies entrepreneur. Twenty years, focusing forefront of industry, technology and innovation as the guide, the development of the national economy and is widely used in all kinds of information in the field of electronic payment terminals, automatic identification, digital television, global sales leader; at the same time, many were created and deep plowing networking industry applications and business models, successes in intelligent transportation, intelligent traceability, networking education, business networking and other areas. In other words, although the New World unknown, shift change people’s lives in the near future.

New World behind this “men and women gold partner” is Hu Gang, Wang Jing. Hu Gang, Wang Jing all have a strong “Shida complex”, as long as it comes to business development, two of them always comes once flourishing Shida company. Shida computer time at the height of the founder of Hu Gang, Wang Jing and other 17 people rate Guayin away, the founder of the New World. Since then, the new continent seems to sink to the bottom, dark and quiet without audio. Even in 2000, listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, and even the Ministry of Commerce approved in 2009 became the first mainland enterprises to invest in Taiwan, but also rare newspapers. It long dormant in a corner, very mysterious.

Public information, Hu Gang, Wang Jing duo not only their peers, but were born in Fuzhou, Fuzhou beautiful, with their 30-year-old venture into the sea, and single-handedly founded the two listed companies – SP Setia and the New World Technology Group. As of January 15, 2022, the New World’s stock price of 17.83 yuan / share, total market value of 18.402 billion yuan.

It is worth mentioning that out of 18 people not only Hu Gang co-founder, all of them became billionaires; while in 2018 the total value of the New World to release the equity market of nearly 600 million yuan, sold to employees at half price,

The equivalent of 300 million yuan to subsidize the company.

Hu Gang said, “Our aim is to hope that the New World employees to live than in the same period, other areas of office workers with more dignity, more decent, and have more wealth. Our generation’s mission and responsibility, It is the rise of the nation, national prosperity and people’s happiness as their own thing, willing to become a stepping stone, is willing to contribute to nation-building, sacrifices, this is my generation entrepreneurs true beliefs and ideas. “

Hu Gang, Wang Jing although they act low profile, rarely appeared in public, usually media rarely reported, but in this era of information technology is highly developed, due to some media depth tracking reports, they also gradually appeared in public view . Xiao Bian specially sorted out Hu Gang, Wang Jing data, for your reference and learning as a model, but also hope they can continue to work hard, to do pioneer and models of the time, set a good example for the people, for the community to make more contributions.

Well, Hu Gang Who are they?

He started twice entrepreneurship, twice successful. He dared Ganpin, have the kind of victories Fujian business spirit. He is young and promising, 34-year-old won the “National Science and Technology industrialist entrepreneurs” gold medal, and is the youngest winner of the previous one. At a young age he was cordially received and encouraged so many party and state leaders. Always adhere to the “scientific and technological innovation, industrial serve the country”, was an admirable entrepreneur. He is the New World Technology Group Co., Ltd. Chairman Hu Gang. Today, the New World first Asian company to achieve in the field of payment, the world’s second supplier of POS machines, the first domestic product, provider of technologies and solutions for the recognition.

Hu Gang, born in 1958 in Fuzhou, Fujian Anxi, bachelor’s degree, senior engineer. The current New World Technology Group Co., Ltd., New World Digital Technology Co., actual controllers, directors, and Group Fujian Newland Computer Co., Ltd., Software Engineering Co., Ltd. Newland, Newland Real Estate Co., Ltd., Fujian New World Communication Technology Co. Shares companies, chairman; executive director of new World Beijing emerging technology Co., Ltd.; Fujian Newland Director of environmental Protection technology Co., Ltd., Fujian Newland automatic identification technology Co., Ltd. and other companies. He has won the “State Council special allowance experts, excellent builders of socialism with Chinese characteristics, Fujian outstanding contribution entrepreneurs, outstanding experts in Fujian Province, Fujian Province, model workers.” October 27, 2021, Hu Gang, “2021 China Rich List” of 1857 to 3.6 billion yuan of wealth ranked.


According to China Business News article, “Newland Group Chairman Hu Gang” reported: “

Hu Gang ancestral home Fujian Anxi, China Tieguanyin tea’s hometown, at the same time, Anxi also “produced” Wang Yung-ching and Taiwan and other overseas giants. Although located in the southeast, there is tradition of doing business, but Anxi per capita with a gracious, generous attempts known for. With starting with a simple desire to do the intellectuals from Shida, empty-handed to the founder of the New World from the private high-tech enterprise group, and the successful listing, Hu Gang for doing business and in life, there are a lot of emotion.

“Native of Fujian Anxi Hu Gang, his body flowing Taiwanese people unique and creative, and energetic blood, raw sex adventure dare to take risks. Hu Gang adventurous spirit is shared by many entrepreneurs character, but when he’s this when the kind of character to split round after round of thorns on the road of Chinese business entrepreneurs, to bring this adventure but is the creative contribution of the business community throughout China.

Hu Gang was born in Fuzhou, Fujian, talked to more than four years into the Longyan rural parents cadres;

17 years after graduating from high school and young people of that era, like “Down to the Countryside” to the countryside to jump the queue when the educated youth of the past three years time;

20-year-old was admitted to the Department of Electrical Engineering, Fuzhou University, majoring in automatic control;


24-year-old was assigned to work in Fujian Institute of Electronics, it was later incorporated into computer Fujian Institute, both provincial research institutes, also belong to the large enterprise groups, served as technical researchers, project leader, Research Office;

Since 25-year-old worked at the Fujian Institute of Computer and served as chief engineer;

After the age of 30 scientists led by 15 with 25 million yuan, the founder of Fujian Start Computer Inc., and served as the Shida Group CEO;

34 years old Shida become the country’s top 100 electronics, business scale more than billion in China’s largest computer terminals, the same year he was rated as exceptional title of senior engineer;

36-year-old away from Shida, the second venture, led by Wong Jing and other 18 intellectuals in the Fuzhou area founded the New World Technology Group Co., Ltd., that time he gave up interest in Shida owned, empty-handed again, re-established full private New World, people around do not understand why he was stepping down gracefully in such a brilliant career when, to borrow money to do a small company. Looking back, he did not regret his choice. Perhaps, it is to be the old saying goes: gold will shine. It turns out that just seven years, the New World from a few hundred million small company developed into the total assets of more than ten billion high-tech enterprise group.


42-year-old led the New World is listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, and the establishment of the New World Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd;

New World Communications, Inc. was founded 43 years old, involved in the field of mobile communications;

45 years old pay $ 10 million shares of New World JQG German company;

51-year-old set up a “Taiwan New World Co., Ltd.”, became China’s first Taiwan-invested enterprises;

New World at the age of 54 was established in Fujian Newland Fujian Pingtan comprehensive experimental zone pay Technology Co., Ltd., paid class of business development;

New World Technology Group at the age of 61 appeared in the “2019 hundred Fujian enterprise” and “2019 Fujian manufacturing enterprises hundred” list were ranked No. 89, No. 47;

New World Technology Group at the age of 62 topped the overall competitiveness of China’s software hundred companies, ranked No. 39.

Best “gold partner”

In our high-tech enterprises, Jing name is almost known to everybody. She is one of the few, only two Fujian Province from scratch co-founded two high-tech companies listed on women entrepreneurs. Jing title on the business card is “New World Digital Technology Co., Ltd. chairman and general manager,” but she has repeatedly stated, “As a woman, I do not want to do business number one, I do not have much desire for power, as long as the personal strengths maximization is enough. “

Wong Jing, born in August 1958, Fujian people, MBA, senior engineer, enjoying special allowance, the current New World Digital Technology Co., Ltd. Chairman and Managing Director, legal representative of the New World Technology Group Co., Ltd. Vice chairman of the New World (Fujian) Co., Ltd., chairman of the public service, Jun innovative financial technology services Limited chairman.

Jing was born in a family of cadres, from childhood to accept the education that is rigorous, so smooth grow up, she could safely spend their careers in which they worked in the Institute of Optics in 1988 from Fujian Lian ;; Fujian Institute of optical sea, and Hu Gang, who together co-founded Star computer Co., Ltd., started the first venture. Start at the beginning, Shida computer company only 16 people and 25 million yuan of funds; three years later, Shida become the country’s largest electronic terminal manufacturers, after five years into “China’s top 100 electronic” after the listing. In Shida Group, Jing has been one of the important company managers. “At that time I did in Shida assistant president, human, financial, material at my disposal, how high.” Shida in six years, Jing completed a female professional managers transmutation. “However, some seemingly random internal strife makes us very sad, Hu Gang and I discuss things away, I tearfully agreed.”

In 1994, with the fate of Wong Jing and her business partners opened a big joke: the face of a child single-handedly brought – Shida computer company, she suddenly found herself just a “nanny” only, not “parents” real legal significance. She must give up this already 6-year-old “child”, re-experiencing pain nurtured from scratch to create a small company. Because more than some twists and turns, she was a small company named “New World.” Jing said the “escape” of Shida moment, she and Hu Gang are suddenly recognize the truth: high-tech enterprises must have a corresponding private mechanisms. “95% of employees hold shares, accounting for 1/3 of the total number of employees holding backbone layer. This property designed to solve the staff, the backbone of the incentives, but also to ensure efficient decision-making.” Jing were very fortunate. In 1999, as chairman of the Fujian Jing New World Technology Group; August 2000 Newland Computer Company’s shares were listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, stock code 000 997; March 2002 Jing won the National Women’s Federation, the United Nations Development Fund for Women jointly issued “international Women entrepreneurs individual Achievement Award”; 2002, Jing was named “China Top ten Women in business”, and won the fourth China Shidanvjie Award nomination;

September 2003 New World invested $ 10 million in shares of German JQG company, is my country’s first government approved capital investment projects in Europe, the group began to move toward the internationalization of the New World; 2005, China’s first e-ticket was born in Shanghai, New World Shanghai-wing code of the company, and with China mobile, China UnionPay together to create “electronic receipt” business; in June 2006 by the national Group of the New World as “peacetime” center;

November 2011 Fujian Provincial Department of Education, Fuzhou University, New World Group jointly set up a “New World was Fuzhou University School of networking”; December 2011 Newland Computer Company and other social capital to participate, jointly funded the establishment of the “Fujian Yongyi networking industry entrepreneurs investment Co., Ltd. “; in June 2012 the New World was founded in Pingtan comprehensive experimental zone in Fujian Fujian New World technology Co., Ltd. to pay, pay class of business development; July 2012, the New World was founded Beijing New World Times educational technology Co., Ltd. in Beijing, for the national universities production, learning and research university – enterprise cooperation; March 2013 computer company was identified as “Fujian Province, the first batch of emerging industries of strategic enterprises”;

December 18, 2013 via matchmaking Fujian Taiwan Solidarity Union, the first mainland enterprises to invest in Taiwan – voluntarily No. 001 “Taipei County business registration certificate” and related rights of the original New World Technology Group donated to the National Museum; 2015 on March 19 the new World Technology Group enabled the new name; July 20, 2015 the comprehensive competitiveness of Chinese software enterprises ranked 200 announced – new World Group ranked No. 65; April 2016 new World invested one million and “Min the source of division “to build a base of things. Jing became the first Minjiang Teachers College Board and The First Vice Chairman of the Board; July 2017 “precision Poverty” – New World counterpart helping Yongtai County, Xi’an Village preliminary poverty;

July 23, 2018, Fuzhou Jing unanimously elected chairman of the first session of Talent Development Association; December 2018 both sides Entrepreneur Summit 2018 will be opened in Xiamen on December 4, as the first Taiwan investment in mainland business representatives, Jing invited to attend.


Venture beginning of the heart do not change


In 1988, thirty year old Hu Gang respond to national call, and a group of colleagues into the sea founded the Institute of Computer Shida computer company. Speaking of that choice 30 years ago, Hu Gang with interest, he said, when there are three main reason why the sea mind: First, try to establish a platform for rapid transformation of scientific and technological achievements, the second is to allow scientists to share the creation of entrepreneurial wealth , is no longer “eat grass, squeezed out the milk,” and the third is national identity for intellectuals, to do something practical for the high-tech development of the country and nation.

Hu Gang has publicly telling the triggers and promotion of the two factors in the Creation of the Sea, and he said: “The first factor is the marketization of our hard-developed” Hanka “. The starting point of” Hanka “is relatively high, product The work that extends has achieved a very good effect, completely reason to form size efficiency. However, in the context of the national PC sales reached 100,000 units, “Hanka” finally sold only 1000 sets. The main reason is Mechanism, the old organism at the time, unable to coordinate development, production, sales of these three links, but in turn created a lot of human obstacles, turning normal business relationships into complex interpersonal relationships, all kinds of resources in units unable to benefit Hole. So, I want to be a company, accelerate the conversion speed of the results, and can solve the treatment of researchers.

The second factor is that almost all core technologies have been held by foreign countries. I am the first young researcher in the country after the Cultural Revolution, I am very uncomfortable in my heart. Under the original patriotic feelings, I hold “I don’t believe in evil” The determination, I want to try it, through the establishment of a company, breaking foreigners’ monopoly on core technology.

Based on these two motives, my entrepreneurial heart can be summarized as three points. These three points are the summary of me in 30 years: try a new system, enabling intellectuals to pass labor, obtain reasonable compensation; create a new mechanism Make rapidly transformation of scientific research results into goods; establish a new brand and participate in international competition. …….

Now, through the establishment of the real Da, two listed companies in the new mainland, I have achieved this goal. According to incomplete statistics, at least more than 1,000 people have tens of thousands of ratings and wealth, especially early entrepreneurship because of the incomplete statistics. backbone. In the past few years, ZHCHUG Group has gathered a party, inviting from Zhili to go out of entrepreneurs, this group of people, the boss of the company, there are dozens of the boss of the company, four or five are still the old list of listed companies . “In he looks, his entrepreneur should be basically achieved, or it is realized.


It is worth mentioning that talked to the founder Huang Gang’s acquaintance, Wang Jing felt purely. On June 20, 1988, Hu Gang has founded a few people, and he wanted to find a person responsible for public relations and internal affairs. After getting off work a day, a colleague in the place went to Hu Gang, so I took Wang Jing and it.

Everyone will communicate freely, Wang Jing asked Hu Gang: “Why do you want to create a company?” Hu Gang said that he tried his business, mainly to create a mechanism that enabled research achievements, so that the technicians have better Platforms and benefits. In the conversation, he also quoted Liu Bowen’s “deep excavation hole, Guangjian grain, and referred to the king” strategy. It must accumulate more accumulation. Huanggang interprets the deep meaning of Zhanda: “The foundation of entrepreneurship, Daxie is good in the world.” Two people have collisions in many things in this hour. When Hu Gang asked Wang Jing: “Can you come to Juda?” Wang Jingtu said that he didn’t think about it, because there were many companies in the outside, but she felt a woman can be in the country. I have been very satisfied, I have never been “down the sea”. She thinks that even if I want to go to the sea, I have to go to several other companies to see it.

If you think of the next morning, Hu Gang will call the computer research Institute and invite Wang Jing to join again. At that moment, Wang Jing was touched by his enthusiasm and sincere, and he felt very sincere, so he didn’t say that he didn’t say it. The director of Wang Jing’s department is not understood. I gave her father to call: “If Wang Jing is now, I will get the iron rice bowl, I want to come back, I haven’t been there!” At this time, her parents were surprised. It was found that this Wang Jing actually advocated it, throwing such a good national institution, and went to a small company that was unsuffected. Three years later, it became the “Terminal King” of China IT Industry with Juda, who is from 250,000 yuan. Shortly, in the Shanghai Stock Exchange, “16 people have created 16 billion” miracles.

“Digital Fujian” practitioner

The new mainland technology group was established in Fuzhou in 1994. It is a comprehensive high-tech industrial group of the three major sectors of the industry in the industry. The new mainland Computer Co., Ltd. is listed on the Shenzhen Exchange Motherboard in 2000.2018 The year officially renamed New Mainland Digital Technology Co., Ltd. In 2020, the company’s total operating income achieved better recovery growth, and its total operating revenue was 7.063 billion yuan, an increase of 14.26% over the same period of the previous year; October 15, 2021, the new mainland has highlighted digital integrated strength and excellent technology innovation The performance, the “2021 Fujian Provincial Private Enterprises 100”, “2021 Fujian Province Innovative Private Enterprises 100 Strong”. From “Digital Fujian” to “Digital China”, the New World has been an explorer, promoters, practitioners.

If the success of Zhida is just a sensitive to Hu Gang, then the success of the new mainland should be a kind of wisdom. Throughout the development of the new mainland, there is a distinctive characteristics: always adhere to the development of technological innovation, and always adhere to the innovative achievements. In Hu Gang’s view, if scientific research results cannot benefit the society, it is meaningless to solve the problem of “pain points”. For them, “The biggest praise is the whole society to use your technology and products.” Hu Gang said that the direct research on direct research in the new mainland reached 5.8% -7%, and the comprehensive scientific research investment accounts for ten minutes, and it has increased year by year. So far, the new mainland has accumulated more than 1,100 products and technologies, more than 800 patents, 19 foreign patents; hosted and participated in many national, industries and local standards, and assumed more than 100 national levels. Provincial scientific research project.

The new mainland is innovative, in Wang Jing, is the number of people, things, and things in people, things, and things from 2015. In 2018, New Continental Computer Co., Ltd. renamed New Mainland Digital Technology Co., Ltd., and the company is up and down, in digitalization. In terms of business transformation, the New World has gradually implemented from providing equipment to providing DT (data decision), from the operational service to operation data from the operational service.

After a series of innovative changes, the industrial advantage of the new mainland began to appear. On the digital payment, through investment M & A with national collection agency Guotong, the number of foreign subscribers of the national listing, with digital technology, Pu Hui finance, focusing on the formation of B-terminal (small micro enterprises), C-terminal business loans Puzzle, build a scientific financial service platform.

At the digital citizen, start the country’s first digital citizen pilot, enter the digital identity industry. On the digital terminal, the intelligent upgrade, becomes Asia Pacific first, the second POS vendor supplier, seizes the data entrance; in digital villages, establish Yongnong Information Agency service network and Yueong excellent agricultural product traceability system, realize Agricultural products Internet access, narrowing the digital gap between rural and city. Hu Gang introduced: “‘Digital Citizen’ is a huge system, comprehensively uses big data, artificial intelligence, block chain and other technical renovation, its core is safe and confidential, very difficult, there are many work to do “


Currently, the transformation of the new mainland is in “performing”, opportunities and risk coexistence. Hu Gang said, no matter what, corporate innovation will continue, because this is where the lifeline of the company is, just as the new mainland company name is “Columbus discovered new mainland”, its value orientation is extremely clear – innovation never stop.


Huang’s adventure personality is the character of many entrepreneurs. Hu Gang twice “sea”, and it is also from the top peak “going down” that is considered a career: once jumped to a small company from the engineer of the Provincial Computer Research Institute, second is from Zhida Jump to a private enterprise in the prominent position of the President of the computer. Hu Steel said that in the right time to do the right thing, the company can walk on the correct track. In the process of development, the New Continental Group has also walked through the detours. He said that the difficulties are not terrible, terrible is a lost direction, lose the fighting spirit; Wang Jing said that if the company is like a life, it is necessary to “get to not hi, lost and not worried” penetration and ideological realm, Don’t get too tangled for a moment, you must keep a clear understanding of environmental changes, find your own positioning, and you will be awarded.

In these years, in the management of Hu Gang and Wang Jing and others, the new mainland company became a 500th company in China, Fujian Province private top 100 enterprises. Review the wind and rain experienced by the Shanghainese, the successful people who have experienced the Shanghai, and the successful people will still have a deep sense of crisis. So he always reminds yourself to study, innovate, and study the front harvest from others’ failure. His wealth stories may bring some enlightenment to people who are working hard. I hope that the majority of entrepreneurs can also be comprehensively understood from this big story, let their careers have improved, and the next level.



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