50 early autumn, fried satellite, was advanced to

Rabbit sister planting grass (text / rabbit sister)

Speaking of sweaters, it is definitely one of the best items in autumn.

When the hot and cold transition, you can turn into the college sweet sister.

When the weather is cold, it is mixed with suit.


It can also become an avatar.

When you are cold, you also have a unique gas field with windbrows ~


And the big sweater is also very friendly to the microfatcomer.


Wearing a slim 10 pounds in sweaters here is not a lie.

Seeing this, is everyone who already can’t wait to see the sweater? Don’t worry, I will find you, no matter what style,


A total of 50 pieces, you are satisfied!


The first part is a simple summary that is not wrong.


Although there is no fancy design, it is very resistant to wear, whether it is single and doing it, the extension rate is very high.


Black, white two colors are the most classic and unpantable style.


With a man-handed jeans, it seems that a simple-style dress is actually an inadvertent CHIC sense.


Gray and apricot, there is more high levels,


Jade a earrings, necklace is matched, is a proper urban beauty.

Sisters with big chest can also choose a bit V-neck design,

At the same time as the neck line, take some little sexy.

In addition to the black and white of wild, the wine is also a good choice,


The rich colors are very suitable for the atmosphere of autumn and winter, and I am looking for these two pieces and slightly shoulders, and the sisters who should be shoulders can also rush!

Various blue sweaters are also my heart love,

Not doing anything, is because it is sufficient!


Green and pink are more exciting,


Make a disappearance, the Hin Bird is confident, and people are full of protection.


Cold white skin and black paste, you can choose to fluoresce, it is not difficult to match.


Just give a little black single product to press ok.

The basic color system has a lot of sisters, you can also try the prevalence of these years, it is very Y2K.

However, when you pick it, try to choose a lower saturation, no display.


Want to wear a girl, the printed sweater of the self-assembly attributes can certainly be less.

The most common should be the cat and dog,

If you encounter a blue, powder this soft martial color, it is more tender to pull out the water.

(These two sweaters have a lot of colors to choose oh)

And the upper body is not naive,


Elegant and Zhao Lui have a similar sweater, and then with a half dress, the girl is coming ~

Small cherry sweater is also this year’s explosion,

But because the print is a bit complicated, the lower body with a little pants is OK, otherwise it will be a bit messy.

Sisters who walked ghost horses, you can choose to fame with the pattern.

Putting up the horse is a little bit old, and the age-friendly skills let the hot Maji live in line.


However, the rabbit sister prefer some stereo printing style, and the shark pants is absolutely,

Cute in love, it is hard, it is difficult to don’t love ~

If you want a special point, you can choose the joint name.

Like Harry Potter, this big IP is not over time.

Of course, printed sweater can not only be cute, as long as the style is selected, and there is no problem in other styles.

Sisters who take the wind of Han Dynasty can choose a little print, and the bottom color is trying to choose black and white this kind of plain color, which looks too exaggerated,


With a baseball cap, it is very INS wind ~


Walking the festive sisters, you can choose the style of the bricks,

With a wide wide-leg pants, it is very promise ~


Walking the famous sister, you can try a hand-painted pattern,

Wearing on the body will give a good feeling of a good year.


If you are walking gentle,

The pattern of the printed is not very large,

A small one can make a sense of ambience.

To say this year’s most popular style, American retro wind must have name, so, this wave is fashionable, our sweater cannot fall.


However, it is different from the popular Oversize sweater last year.

This year’s American hot girl is more popular with a lazy retro POLO.

And POLO collar can create a thin triangle area,

Not only seems to be neck and long, but also a super old head,

Absolutely the gospel of the chubby girl.

Of course,


Want to wear the original American style, but also choose big logo letters.


With a pleated dress, you can play “Gossip Girl”.


Some numbers are also very taste, you can pull people back to the 1990s for one second ~

I feel too exaggerated, the small letter Logo is also very ok,

When you are cold, you can also make an inner, so that the entire set of LOOK has become more level.


I feel that the solid color is too normal, you can choose the collar stitching,


If you don’t like American retro wind, add a baseball cap to change the Korean, clean and gentle.


Some big color blocks spliced, this year is also popular,

Both of these are both men and women, some sisters with objects can be worn in a couple.


If the sweater mentioned earlier, you can’t satisfy your downtime, so there is a creative design, and the rabbit sister also gave you a lot ~

Short hooded sweater this year will be fire,


Celine has a lot of similar styles.


Matching high waith is a combination of high king, especially suitable for small children.

If you have a short, you can buy a short zipstick,

Recently, still LA ~

Sorry, a big-area brother, you can choose the style of the on-to-boot


Originally monotonous style, I lived at once, put the little sexy this piece of death.


All kinds of broken cave are also popular this year’s popular players, Paris family, MM6 is crazy to output a similar style, and this sweater is very suitable for stacking,

It’s just a piece of solid color t, it’s a very west coast ~

If you can’t accept the hole, you can choose your arms, shoulders, hollow.

Appropriate hollow and cutting, especially while weakening the bloated feelings brought by sweaters ~


Wear small geniuses,

You can buy the back or middle-emitting style,

The t-shirt in your flowers is superimposed, it is the best street look.

In addition to short and hollow,

Remake Sweater is also very popular in these years.

Stitching different materials, elements, giving people a full sense of avant-guard.

Added the style of the reflector, there is a big gas field.

I wore a sunglasses, Sun Honglei looked at it around.


I don’t like the deconstruction of too hard core, and I also gave you a styles of lace.

A whole, the girl is bursting, the wardrobe of the ocean is just like this ~


Okk, today’s sweater breeding grass is here, and I have found 50 pieces in one breath.


I don’t know if you are satisfied? Anyway, my shopping cart is full ~

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