Ma Yi Yu Yuanquan’s plaid coat is like me! It turns out that this autumn goddess all wears a grille.

“My first half” is over, but the ELLE November published on the cover of Ma Yi and Yuanquan still discussed on the Internet, called a sound. From the look to the temperament, both are well-deserved gods.


ELLE November published cover Ma 琍 琍 泉 合,, 身 身 格 格 纹 纹 纹 格 纹 格 纹 格 格 格 纹 纹 纹 纹 纹 纹 格 格 格 纹 格 纹 经 经 经 经 经 经 经 经 经 经 经This is beautiful for “the first half” good sisters, so people are fascinating ~

One red gray two-piece grit coat is elegant, so that the two goddess temperament.


In fact, in addition to Mali and Yuanquan, we found that God gods also wore grillers.


Grid coat – two-handed temperature

Plaid short suit

Korea model Irene Kim wearing gray grilled suit jacket with wine red skirt, hand holding black handbag, foot Chanel silver pearlescent color matching square long boots, a sateless hipster urban girl ~

Ma Shui also flew up in the garment wear! At the airport, she wearing Stella McCartney gray suit jacket, Diesel water Washing denim shorts and Puma wide ribbon small black shoes still make her girls full.


Grid shirt jacket


Hello everyone, give you a brief introduction, this is the relationship with everyone. A tidal fan is full of off-white color matching jacket simple and no youthful, a pair of long legs hard is to put trousers into nine pants, to serve!


Trendy hot mom’s tape list is updated! T-shirt jeans outside black and white grit jackets, casual and lossless women, the white wool hat on the head is very warm. Qi Brother reminds us that it is cold, and it must be a temperature.

Large coat


Selina Gomez dressed in deep gray thousand birds printed woolen coats, but the inside brown yellow sweater with the corduroy short skirt.


Bella Hadid is in the green grilled long coat, even if the black high collar dress will not feel that it is too boring.


Plaid skirt – hipster extra points more than a little bit

Plaid dress

The larva skirt is a sweet and beautiful for the movie platform, and this little eye is Ding Jianzhi.

Elishan – Zhong wearing a whole piece of fine dress, feet wearing a black patent leather pointed flat boots horror.


Grid MINI skirt

In addition to playing Call for the movie, Naza’s private service street shooting is not short of grilled figure. Black knitted topped with plaid half-length skirt, foot on gucci flat shoes, do not need to be fixed, easy to travel ~ PS: Nazaya is white to glow!

Lin Yun, who cuts a new hairstyle is more beautiful than before. Sequins sweaters with a defect, very fresh. People who are beautiful are always dare to try all kinds of shapes!



Ma Si pure, wearing a white t-shirt, with olive green grid pleated college skirt, foot gucci brown Laofu shoes, oblique crossle brown trumpet box, literary goddess image jump paper.

The same is the feeling of leisure with white t and white sneakers in ink green grily.

Gripet – a second Get Chic French elegant


Aili Fanning puts a variety of style. She wears a gray grilled small suit set, with a butterfly ribbon decorative white shirt and MCQ thick-end white shoes, and the suit can also wear the college wind.

It looks a little serious shoulder suit jacket, slightly slightly rolled up cuff, and there will be more free and easy. At first glance, it is very handsome.

Liu Shi poetry wears a black and white grid skirt suit, a white cartoon pattern printing T-shirt, elegant, revealing a loss of love ~


KC Dan’s gray plaid suit shorts suit looks at the chest below the leg! But the paids that have made the whole body still appear to be strong.


Ready? Obviously, grilled and this autumn and winter is more common ~

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