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By: Abdul Muis



If you often go shopping for groceries, you must be aware of tons of plastic bags you pile up at home. Shopper bags are great solutions for these plastic bags, but there are too many shopper bags out there that are only about styles rather than practicality (they are too fragile, they look fancy but do not hold much stuff inside, and they may be overpriced).

Enter Ecobags, a brand of environmentally friendly shopper bags that helps you living a green lifestyle easier and more convenient. Ecobags do not flaunt too much style, but these bags are durable, made of environmentally friendly cotton canvas (with fair trade principle, no less) and have large size. Bringing two or three of these bags should cover a routine grocery shop hauls, and you do not have to pile up another unused plastic bags at home.  


Overview of Ecobags Shopper Bags 

These shopper bags are nothing fancy; the bags have simple square shapes and open top with two color options; Natural and Black. The bags have long, over the shoulder straps (22 inches or 44 centimeters long). The canvas is washable and quite sturdy for heavy loads, even if you load large bottle of milk with canned food and fruits, for example. The dimension of the bag is 19 inch x 15.5 inch (38 centimeters x 31 centimeters), which is a quite generous capacity for a reusable shopping bag.  


Specs of Ecobags Shopper Bags :

Ecobags have specs that make it different from many similar (and more expensive) shopping bags. Here are the main detailed specs of these bags:

• Weigh only 10 oz, which makes Ecobags very lightweight. You can fold and store it in your purse or tote bag for later grocery shopping after work.

• 100% natural cotton canvas imported from India, produced under the Fair Trade Policy (another reason to buy a couple of these bags).

Long, wide shoulder straps that leave no marks and do not hurt your fingers (like when you must carry heavy plastic bags).

• All seams have double stitches to ensure durability (avoid ripping after long usage that often happened to other bags).

Tough bottom to holds all the groceries steadily, but still easy for users to fold the bag when it is empty. This can also helps you put the full bag in standing position without making all the stuff inside falls over 


Customer Opinion about Ecobags Shopper Bags :

Overall, many customers found Ecobags shopper bags are better than most similar bags in the market, although there are some minor flaws, too. Here are some pros and cons of these bags.



• The size is generous compared to some other bags. Plus, the bag is also flexible and can hold bulky objects like watermelon or large milk bottle. Some reported that having three or four of these bags are enough to do weekly grocery shopping.

• The fact that the cotton canvas is imported from India under fair trade policy. More people are becoming aware about fair trade issues, so this bag definitely encourages change in lifestyle.

The bag can be folded and stored conveniently; some customers suggested keeping one or two of these bags in the car for sudden grocery shopping plan.

Cotton canvas makes the bag easy to wash, even using the machine. Plus, there are no fancy accents like other reusable bags that put too much accessories on their surfaces. The only accent is just the thick bottom to hold the weight of groceries, so it is functional.

• Plain bags with no logos or cheap prints (that look gaudy and can be come flaky after long usage). Many customers prefer shopping bags that are plain and focus more on functionality, so Ecobags won in these departments (plus, extra prints or logos usually make the bags more expensive).



• The bag can shrunk a little bit after being washed. Suggestion: try not to wash the bag with warm water and dry the bag under the sun instead of using dryer.

• Sometimes, you can geta low quality product that becomes frayed after several wash.

Most customers praised good customer service from Ecobags, so even though some of them got slightly low quality shopper bags, they got quick replacements right after sending their complaints. In other words, Ecobags are perfect as reusable bags to do your weekly groceries, but unless you just want to do spur of the moment shopping thing, you may still want to use at least a couple of bags (depend on the numbers of your families). Nevertheless, the bags are perfect for keeping your green lifestyle in check, and they are practical as well as durable and cheap. Make sure you live an environmentally friendly lifestyle by buying cotton canvas shopper bags from Ecobags.


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