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You may be not a little kid anymore, but chances are you must have seen this character somewhere around your life or in any kids related products. Hello Kitty is a popular cartoon character from Japan whose popularity matches Disney characters, at least in the term of products. 

Now, Hello Kitty does not only adorn little girls’ backpacks, cups and clothes, but also items for older generations such as women handbags. Hello Kitty handbags even have their own fans at Amazon, and many of them become popular items. In Style Hello Kitty handbag from Cartoon Castle is one of Prime products from Amazon; it is cute, has bright color and practical for daily casual use. Plus, the model and look makes the bag perfect for any ages.  

Specs of In Style Hello Kitty Women Handbags:

From the first look, In Style Hello Kitty women handbags look decent in sizes; 39 centimeters long, 28.5 centimeters wide and 25 centimeters high. The material is acrylic plastic, with faux leather for the handle and the opening.  The handle is about 15 centimeters. It has bright red color with Hello Kitty face outlines in white, makes the handbag has more minimalist style. The inside part has the same material with the outside part and has no lining. 

Pros and Cons of In Style Hello Kitty Women Handbags :

In Style Hello Kitty handbag from Cartoon Castle are perfect if you want a cheap bag for casual use, especially if you are a type of person who just owns one or two bags for work and feel that they are too big to carry during simple, casual occasions. Since In Style Hello Kitty women handbags only cost less than $20 and grouped as Prime product at Amazon, this is not a bad purchase. However, like any other cheap women handbags, this product has its pros and cons. There is no padding in the bag, but there is an extra compartment with open style inside the bag.



The price is super cheap and grouped in Prime product at Amazon, which means you can get free shipping and free return service.

The material is acrylic and makes this bag water proof, perfect if you need to bring something that must not get wet during rain, such as cell phone, ATM, credit cards or important forms.

• The bag color and style is cheerful enough for kids, but not too garish or overly cute thanks to the minimalist design of the Hello Kitty print, so teenagers and older women can also bring it outside.

It is quite roomy for basic necessities when you just need to get out for a while, such as a wallet or purse, keys, coins and a powder compact or tissue.

It can be cleaned with soap and water, but the Hello Kitty print should not be brushedtoo hard.



• Unlike any other women handbags, this bag has no lining; if the inside gets dirty, it will be shown on the outside.

• The bag has no padding, so you are not suggested to put fragile things inside such as tablet or netbook. Plus, large objects can cause apparent bulges on the bag.

• Since the layer is thin, the bag can lose its shape quite quickly.

Judging from the price, the mediocre quality of the bag is understandable. While this is a good casual bag to bring basic necessities during a short trip, this is probably not a good bag if you really need to carry a lot of things for your casual trip.

The bag has no padding and lining, so any objects you put inside will show their outlines on the outside, especially the hard ones (and can feel uncomfortable if you hold the bag on your shoulder; they will jab your side). The bag, however, is great if you want to buy your teenage daughter something cute but also has slightly mature style instead of colorful, childish bag.

Overall, this In Style red Hello Kitty handbag is a little bag that is great for casual using, like when you need to go out for a little while and do not feel the need to carry your usual office tote bag or large sporty handbag.

Furthermore, this bag is easy to clean and made of waterproof material (acrylic plastic), so your precious cell phone, credit card and ATM card will be quite safe inside. Some customers actually used this bag as an extra carrier for small laptop and cell phone accessories such as mouse, USB cable, back up WiFi jet pack and battery charger. The bag’s style is also cheerful enough for little girls but still quite demure for adult taste. These are women handbags that can really be carried by women of all ages.


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